High-Class Heists

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In the world of high fashion, there is a never-ending supply of drama — from huge brands endorsing problematic celebrities, runway shows gone wrong and luxury companies stealing designs from other prominent designers. In this new age of media, newspapers and magazines aren’t the only ones reporting on these fashion flops, as the growth of social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok over the last few years has been astronomical.

“Diet Prada” is an Instagram account with over 2 million followers that posts daily about the world of high-end fashion. Keep reading to see what fashion scandals VALLEY uncovered while doing a deep dive of the @diet_prada account!

Chanel is Raising Their Prices (Again)
Photo posted by @diet_prada on Instagram

On December 22, @diet_prada posted a snapshot on Instagram accompanied by a hefty caption detailing the craze surrounding luxury brand Chanel raising their prices once again. The post shows a classic Chanel bag, known as the Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag, which as explained in the caption used to cost $1,150 in 1990.

In the last two decades, however, the price has jumped to $7,800 which is where it has remained until now. As of December, the price of the bag was raised to $8,900, causing a spur of ridicule from loyal customers and media outlets. The Instagram account details how problematic this could be for the company as questions of whether the quality of the bags equates to the steep price circle around social media.

Black-Owned Brand Calls out Jeffery Campbell for Their Quick Knockoff

Another shocking post came from @diet_prada recently when they revealed Jeffrey Campbell had made a knockoff of a shoe design created by Autumn Adeigbo, a black fashion designer who launched her own fashion line in LA in 2018. Adeigbo debuted multiple different shoe styles in the last year which were featured in Vogue online and posted across multiple social media platforms. However, soon after, Jeffrey Cambell dropped a new style of shoe known as the “Anthropos” style, which looks almost identical to one of Adeigbo’s designs.

Adeigbo didn’t hesitate to speak out on social media about her disappointment in the brand, especially after they released multiple statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. The whole situation was extremely disheartening and Jeffrey Campbell received quite a bit of backlash for their actions.

Fashion Industry Pays Tribute to Late Designer Virgil Abloh
Photo posted by @diet_prada on Instagram

In November of last year, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, sadly passed away at the age of 41. @diet_prada quickly posted a heartfelt tribute to the designer, honoring his dedication to the art of fashion and the work he created throughout his career. Abloh was a huge inspiration to many, as he was one of the first black designers to head a luxury house in Europe. Louis Vuitton also posted a heartfelt tribute for Abloh, thanking him for his innovation, creativity and passion as a designer.

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