How to React When Mercury Enters Aries on March 27

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Mercury shall remain in Aries until April 10, allowing us to feel the change in the best way possible. Not familiar with astrology? Learn more about Mercury’s significance in astrology.

Mercury will be entering Aries at approximately 3:44 a.m. on Sunday, March 27. You may be confused about what this means or even intimidated by this— but don’t be!

You may feel free with your ideas during this time, leading you to experiment with your feelings. Maybe you will feel eager to branch out and form connections or meet up with your old pals. Whatever you think, however, you need to trust your intuition. This is a time to remain bold and let the world guide you. 

If your schedule is thrown off during this time, don’t fear because that is normal. Starting on March 28, there is a lunar alignment to Saturn, and it has different ways of affecting everyone. Although it is supposed to be a positive change, it may encourage you to fix any issues you might have faced in the past. Again, this is something that may feel annoying in the heat of the moment but will be great for the long run. 

As the week continues, this may be a good time for you to get your stuff done. Your creative side will be out and you’ll be ready to work on something hands-on. You will feel inspired with a lot of intuition. Throughout this time, answers you’ve been looking for may appear with voices of positivity surrounding you.

You may also engage in conversations that are appearing from signs of love! If you find yourself in arguments or serious conversations though, know that they may help you in the long term. Take time to think and concentrate while having these conversations. Life is short, and time can be wasted easily—you will be noticing this soon. 

Towards the end of this time, you are supposed to feel bold, courageous, fearless and unstoppable. So work and think like an Aries while this is all taking place. Have you ever heard the saying “everything happens for a reason?” Well, that is what the Earth is preaching in these upcoming weeks. 

The world is trying to communicate with you, and they are asking you to listen. The Earth is asking for you and them to work together, So if you feel anything strange going on, just know that it is a good change and embrace it head-on!


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