Bella Hadid’s Spray-On Dress

Bella Hadid was the star of the Coperni show that concluded Paris Fashion Week. On Friday evening, Bella Hadid’s white dress was sprayed on in front of a live audience on the catwalk. The supermodel was wearing nothing except nude underwear while 3 of the scientists and designers sprayed a misty liquid onto her. The audience watched in awe as the spray on technology, called Fabrican, transformed almost instantly into wearable clothing. Talk about fast fashion! To finish her dress, the label’s head of design, Charlotte Raymond, adjusted Hadid’s neckline and cut a dramatic leg slit.

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The dress’s technology, Fabrican, was created by Dr. Manel Torres, who was one of the men who assisted Hadid onstage. Fabrican is made using a suspension of liquid polymers, latex, an assortment of fibers and a fast evaporating solvent, such as acetone. When the spray on fabric comes in contact with air, the solvents evaporate. The liquid morphs into a solid material that feels similar to suede. Scientists have been looking to this technology for the implication of casts for broken bones, and also for fixing tears and holes in clothing. Since the material is sterilized in a can, it can also be used for wound dressing and instant bandaging.

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When asked about the inspiration behind Fabrican, Dr. Torres explained that spiderwebs and silly string cans is what brought forth his idea. After two years of trial and error in the lab, he began seeing results.

Concluding the show, Hadid made a tribute on Instagram where she thanked the designers for an incredible opportunity.

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