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VOGUE World, Vogue’s 130-year anniversary “fashion show and street fair,” was not only a display highlighting the contributions Vogue has made to fashion. It was a tribute to the fashion industry, which has continued to change throughout the years.

The shows –– which took place in what was once the meatpacking district in New York City –– showcased designs from all socioeconomic backgrounds. NYC is the heart and soul of both fashion and entertainment.

Broadway and street shows are all a part of New York City culture. Therefore, Anna Wintour’s juxtaposition of fashion and entertainment on West 13th Street made for a breathtaking anniversary spectacle.

Vogue World Models

Serena Williams, the cover star of Vogue’s September print issue, opened Vogue World and commanded applause in custom Balenciaga.

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Models around the world aspire to walk in an NYFW show. Vogue World featured top supermodels, celebrities and even rising models, such as Nigerian model Janet Jumbo, Raynara Negrine, Chinses-American Steph Shiu and more. Even Oscar the Grouch made a special guest appearance!

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NYFW is a fashion showcase in America, but Vogue World demonstrated through its various performances and shows that fashion has no borders and is truly meant to enjoyed and designed by all people.

Vogue World Fashion

While fashion enjoys its seasons, with month-specific designs and trends, NYFW features designs of all different kinds. Whether it might be edgier pantsuits to chic, retro dresses, Vogue World included a diverse assortment of designs.

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In the show featuring Lil Nas X and Williams, the designs heavily featured silver and glamour, and eye-catching designs that mimic the steel-clad appeal of New York’s concrete jungle. A creative homage to the meatpacking district––a part of New York with a deep history connected to struggle and fashion.

Vogue World Entertainment

What set Vogue World apart from “typical” New York Fashion Week shows was undoubtedly its display of talent from various artists and groups. It showcased dancers from Howard University, a performance from Lil Nas X and more.

Fashion is no longer straight-faced models walking up and down a runway––it’s a way to come together, celebrate new cultures and ideas, and enjoy a show beyond visuals.

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Vogue World Designers

Behind every iconic fashion, is the designer. Anna Wintour hand-picked which fashion designers to showcase in her Vogue World show. There were over 100 brands represented: Balenciaga, Nike, Alo Yoga, Kenzo, Levi’s, Chinese brand Yueqi Qi, Balmain, Louis Vuitton and many more.

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The designs come from both affordable and luxury brands. This range is another way Wintour created a fashion space that catered to more than just the upper class.

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Much like New York City, Vogue World’s dynamic atmosphere reflected everything the fashion world has worked to accomplish. It has become an inclusive place filled with diverse and unique cultures.

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