Princess Diana’s Most Iconic Outfits

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Whether she was wearing a tiara or a sweatshirt, the Princess of Wales always had her own distinct beauty. She was a beloved member of the royal family and her legacy continues to live on.

“She really loved the world of fashion, and she likes the people in it. It was an escape for her,” Stephen Jones tells Vogue. Evidently, it loved her back. Below are some of her most iconic outfits.

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One of the most iconic moments in Princess Diana’s fashion history is the “revenge dress”. The off-the-shoulder, silk dress was not only a statement to Prince Charles about what he was missing, but also a breakaway from the expectations of royalty.

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While Diana looked beautiful dressed up, she was equally elegant in casual attire. In recent years, biker shorts and sweatshirts have been extremely popular. Unsurprisingly, Princess Diana was doing it before it was cool.

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It would be a crime not to mention the royal wedding gown. Someone as incredible as Princess Diana deserved to wear a dress as elegant as her on her special day. Complete with a massive bouquet, the world would remember this incredible ensemble for years to come.

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VALLEY loves this other casual moment from Diana!

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Our elegant Princess in yellow, exuding confidence and style.

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First off, the Louis Vuitton purse screams chic. Secondly, a black and white outfit can never go wrong.

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This dress marks an iconic moment in Diana’s fashion history. Almost as iconic as being asleep during an Exhibition Gala.

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Diana’s suit set exudes a masculine aura, forming a beautiful contrast with her other looks.

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Pretty in pink, with a matching dress, shoes and bag.

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Nothing says business like an all black ensemble. Diana commands attention while carrying the Lady Dior bag, designed just for her.

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And let’s not forget, diamonds are a girls best friend.

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