I am Woman…

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If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you may have seen a little trend where users are creating videos to a new song. The song is called “I AM WOMAN” and is written by a new artist named Emmy Meli. Her original video currently has 23.5 million views and users all over the platform have been creating videos with this sound. Women all over the world have been using this song to spread self-love and empowerment.

Emmy Meli has since released a full version on all music platforms, but her raw Tik Tok has gone viral. Her username is @emmeymelimusic. The lyrics are…

I am woman, I am fearless, I am sexy, I’m divine, I’m unbeatable, I’m creative, honey you can get in line.

Many women have created their own TikToks with pictures of themselves when “they feel it.” The song celebrates body positivity which is inspiring women to post videos of them dancing around in their underwear or photos of themselves when they feel the most confident. This trend has gained much popularity and is spreading good vibes to women all over the platform. Women supporting other women is hard to come by sometimes, but the comment sections of these videos are awe-inspiring.

Ashley Graham, who is a famous model known for her body positivity added to the #IAMWOMAN trend. She is currently pregnant and posted a video of herself rubbing her belly and dancing to the uplifting song. She captioned the video “We are anything we want.” Seeing such an influential woman join in on this trend shows the impact it is having.

Body positivity as a woman can be extremely hard, especially with social media today. Although this trend can’t completely fix women’s insecurities, it is a step in the right direction. When you click on the hashtag or the sound on TikTok, women can be reminded that we are all different and unique. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds are featured. The comment sections are filled with other women “hyping up” their fellow girls. VALLEY loves to see women supporting other women!

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