The Most Timeless Shoes to Invest In

Nothing makes an outfit quicker than a killer pair of shoes. Shoes are the cherry on top of any look. Sometimes, they’re just as important as the outfit itself. Trends will come and go, but every person needs shoes that will never go out of style. When done right, shoes are a worthwhile investment because you can wear them for years. If you skip on the fast fashion and trendy pairs, you can instead invest in some classic shoes that will come out of storage season after season.

Black Booties
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Having little black booties is just as important as having a little black dress. A good quality pair can be dressed up or down, from jeans and a t-shirt to leather pants and a corset top.

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes
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These cult classic tennis shoes became popular after being released in 1965 and are made of durable leather. In 1978, they officially became branded Stan Smith because of Adidas’s partnership with renowned tennis player Stan Smith.

Reebok Club C Sneakers
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Club C in these tennis shoes stands for “club champion.” Designed by Paul Brown, these sneakers were launched in 1985 to fill a need in the tennis industry for “the club player who needs a durable performance tennis shoe.”

Nike Air Force 1’s
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Nike Air Force 1’s are one of the most iconic white sneakers in the shoe industry. They hit the shoe market in 1982 when a young shoe designer, Bruce Kilgore, found a way to integrate Nike’s Air technology into a basketball sneaker.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s

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Chuck Taylor’s were first introduced in 1917 and have been barely changed ever since. Because of their practicality and flexibility, they became the official shoe for the USA Olympic basketball team from 1936 to 1968.

A good quality pair of retro sneakers can make any outfit look polished and effortless. They can be worn with anything, are comfortable and are suitable for any season. Once you find a pair you love, it’s hard to put on any other kind of shoe.

Doc Marten’s
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Founded during World War II, Klaus Marten was a doctor in the army of Nazi Germany. He found that his standard issued army boots were too uncomfortable after injuring his ankle. He made improvements to the boot, and thus Doc Marten’s were born. Because of their durability and comfort, they’ll be sure to stay in your closet for a lifetime and you’ll always make a statement when wearing them.

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Birkenstock is a German sandal brand that was founded in 1774 when the owner wanted to make a sandal that would conform to the shape of the wearer’s feet. The footbed is made of cork and suede. These comfortable sandals are long lasting and can even get wet at the beach or a lake.

Picking out a new pair of shoes is an exciting and worthwhile investment. Make sure to tag us on Instagram at @VALLEYmag next time you go shoe shopping!


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