The Top Trends of Paris Fashion Week SS23

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Paris Fashion Week is known for being one of the most theatrical and influential fashion weeks in the industry. The event concluded over a week ago and people are still talking about it, as it had significant influence on pop culture through its unique fashion and beauty. It’s all thanks to the designers and their innovative approach to couture and the forecasting of trends. Though there were many incredible looks, some were too eye-catching not to discuss. VALLEY will be breaking down some of the trends to look out for in the spring inspired by Paris Fashion Week.

1. Low-Rise Bottoms

One of the main focuses of Paris Fashion Week this year was low-rise bottoms. This has consisted of low-rise jeans, low-rise skirts and low-rise accessories as well. 

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2. Cargo Pants

Similar to the rising trend of parachute pants for fall 2022, cargo pants are making a comeback for spring/summer 2023. This trend was on display at Fashion Week and was influenced by the Y2K revival. Different brands had their own unique take on it, with Givenchy highlighting tweeds and pastels while Stella McCartney highlighted the more elegant side of cargo pants. 

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3. Capuches

Capuches is the french term for “hoods.” This was represented in a softer look adorned as a cowl or a headscarf. Brands such as Saint Laurent, Schiaparelli and Off-White integrated this trend as an extension into dresses, jackets and catsuits. 

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4. Metallics

Very Cher-inspired! Metallics fabrics and shiny pieces were spotted at the fashion week. This was at the end of the show and was presented by Isabel Marant, Schiaparelli and Balmain. With the blends of gold and silver incorporated into the designs, this forecasted trend for spring/summer 2023 predicts lots of colors and 70’s inspired looks. 

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5. Bows

One of the most prominent accessories spotted at Paris Fashion Week were bows attached to dresses and skirts. This is what most people would describe as one of the “sweeter” trends of Spring 2023, shown by brands such as Loewe, Thom Browne and Dior. This trend of bows in different shapes and sizes is incorporated into the silhouette in a subtle way. 

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6. Catsuits

Paris Fashion Week’s designers such as Acne Studios and Valentino highlighted a lighter version of the catsuit silhouette. These designers emphasized this through different styles of the catsuit, including sheer, sparkly, printed or as a layering piece.

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7. Grunge Fashion

Grunge fashion consists of androgynous pieces styled together in an edgy manner, inspired by the grunge music genre. This has been described as one of the defining trends of fall 2022 that will continue into spring 2023. Designer brands such as Chanel and Givenchy are embracing this trend with open arms. 

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8. Fringe Everything

Finally, fringe is in! Fringe was highlighted everywhere during Paris Fashion Week. Designer brands such as Koche and Vaquera highlighted this trend with long-flowing fabrics and dramatic accessories.

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