UPDATE: Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Blocked?

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On Monday, Oct. 17 of this year, the Biden Administration announced that their student loan forgiveness plan was live. This enabled many people and students to apply for loan forgiveness so that their debt was paid off accordingly. However, when we last left off there was a pause or blocking put on the forgiveness plan, leaving many people in limbo.

Well, the pace of limbo is over….or it was…..we’ll explain what this means as VALLEY goes over everything you need to know about the status of the loan forgiveness plan and what this would mean for many student loan forgiveness borrowers.

The Announcement

Coming hot off the of the plan being in limbo, it was announced on Nov. 11 that the Biden Student Loan Forgiveness plan has stopped taking applications from borrowers. This has upset many applicants and many people who have not applied for forgiveness yet. 

Succeeding from this, the forgiveness program was brought on by many litigation problems in the legal process. One problem was that the court blocked the program. The main reason for this blockage was that after a federal court judge in Texas rejected Biden’s plan to cancel over 20,000 thousand dollars in student loan debt — this was back in August. The reason for them blocking the federal student loan forgiveness program comes from what they described as “irrational, arbitrary and unfair” and that the President is abusing his authority.

In retaliation, the Biden Administration has announced that the Justice Department has appealed the decision and while the legal process is underway, the administration has stated that they will not stand down and that they will find a way to get the money to the borrowers.

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After the Announcement

From this announcement, many updates have been swarming around the internet that has left feeling as though they are in the middle of a game of tug and war. After the announcement was made, lawsuits have allegedly formed over how this plan was not possible to do under the government and how they are not happy giving up over 400 billion dollars of people’s money to student loan borrowers. 

One important update as of late, however, was a seeming alternative to borrowers receiving their money. According to The Hill, the Education Department has started to send out emails to student borrowers with an update on where they stand through the student loan relief program. This email would consist of applicants receiving an update on when they will receive their money if the courts approve their plan. 

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How Will This Affect Borrowers?

One of the most important things to know is that now millions of student borrowers on now stuck in financial limbo. Even if the administration has sent out notifications and updates regarding how to receive this alleged money, there is still some ambiguity over this situation that leave student borrowers feeling uneasy. 

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