Sweden Initiate: Fall Girl Check

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Sweden: home to IKEA. The land of affordable, yet tasteful home decor, furniture and appliances. But that’s not the only department it’s managed to dominate.

Sweden has recently become popular for having the “it-girl” look. If you’re unfamiliar, the name Matilda Djerf will get you on track. Clothes that are comfortable, functional and timeless are emblems of this style. This kind of wardrobe is built on a strong foundation of basics, which can be mixed and matched easily to create outfits that are effortless, yet chic. It’s ultimately about making smart wardrobe choices that focus on the wearability and quality of a piece, so that you can create an all-purpose wardrobe. After doing this, you can build on that with more playful, unique pieces.


Establishing a Swedish-girl wardrobe can be costly at first. If you want sustainable, high-quality clothes that will last and are made of durable materials, you might have to put a dent in the credit card. However, you will then have a set foundation to work off of. 


A large component of the appeal is the lack of controversial fast fashion pieces. Sometimes they’re cheap, and sometimes they’re expensive. Essentially, you’re spending money on something that will soon be last season, taking up space in your closet. This prevents you from building a good wardrobe, because you have so many clothes that come in, get worn and then go into the donate pile.

Another appeal is the lack of leisure wear. In America, wearing pajamas and sweatpants in public is socially acceptable. However, in other countries, it’s frowned upon. So, everyone has intention behind their outfits, and they look casual and well-dressed no matter the outing. 


Women in Sweden love a good jacket or coat. Instead of thinking of outerwear with just functionality in mind, they pick pieces that speak to their outfit as well. Outerwear is used to tie the whole look together, creating an elegant, layered ensemble. Some go-to pieces are trench coats, blazers, leather jackets and wool-blend coats.


A big staple this season has become ballet flats. The idea here, again, is functionality and comfortability. Shoes that look good but ultimately that are functional. This would include a good basic pair of sneakers, loafers, ballet flats, or even a good-quality knee-high boot, which can be transitioned for a daytime to nighttime look. 


The main top of choice for fall and winter in Sweden is a high-quality knit/sweater. Something that keeps you warm, but also makes you look put together—a mix between fitted and oversized for maximum wearability.


The bottom of choice is usually a pair of jeans or trousers. Ultimately, if you opt for one pair each of light, dark and medium denim, you have a color to pair with any outfit. When choosing denim, women typically go for a looser fit around the ankles for that effortless look. When utilizing trousers, a wide-leg fit is typically favored, as these pieces are styled in more of a casual way. This gives the look a taste of sophistication without the dreadful tight-fitted, interview look. 

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