Fall Fashion According To Your Zodiac Sign

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With the cold months approaching, fall fashion is on the rise. People are looking to influencers and the media for the newest trends and cold weather fads. If you are looking for outfit ideas or new brands to add to your collection, keep reading to see how your zodiac sign can create your wardrobe for the fall. You never know, VALLEY might have some ideas that you could really like!

Libra and Aquarius

For this fall Libras and Aquarius’ could try more neutral tones rather than going bold. Sometimes, less is more and a simple outfit with light colors can stand out more than you think. Brands like Free People and Anthropology will be right up your alley. They provide a mix of both neutral and patterned clothing for any occasion. Creams and pastels are easy to pair together. To make your fit set for the cold weather, try adding a blazer!

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Scorpio and Aries

Both bold and outgoing, these signs are perfect for some different and exotic looks. To add in that fall feel for your look, try leather. Leather pants and leather jackets can be the perfect touch to a colorful top. Zara keeps up with the new trends and they always have unique clothing. Wearing a bold color with leather to touch it up is the perfect fall look for these two signs!

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Taurus, Sagitarrius, and Capricorn

All three of these signs love comfort. Comfortable but cute sounds like the go-to fit for this fall. Pairing an oversized sweater or sweatshirt with a cute pair of biker shorts keeps you feeling comfy but also looking like your best self. To spice it up a little bit more, try adding a purse or tote bag. Little touches can go a long way when it comes to simple fits. Urban Outfitters and Garage are two stores that have everything from sweaters to simple shirts. They also have plenty of options for cute accessories!

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Cancer, Virgo, and Gemini

Fall fashion is a great opportunity to go bold. It is easy to pair colorful sweaters with fun pants and have the outfit look presentable and cute. For both of these signs, bold clothing will tie your personality and style together. Try going big with bold colors such as green or orange. Because fall is in between the hot and cold seasons, you can easily pair shorts with a long sleeve or pants with a shorter top. For clothes that are different but also cheap, try Forever 21. You will find all different types of styles and patterns!

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Pisces and Leo

Fall is the perfect season for flowy and boho attire. Pairing a cute flowy dress with tall boots and a cute hat to top it off would be the perfect fit for a day out. The lively personalities that these signs have pair perfectly with these outfits. Once again, you can never go wrong with brands like Anthropologie. They are always up to date on the latest trends and for this specific style, they will have a variety of options.

Seeing all of the new fall fashion trends and what will be in style next is always so exciting. Tag us, @VALLEYmag, with your zodiac-sign-inspired fall fashion look!



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