“Endless Summer Vacation” and Miley’s Return to Disney (Kind of)

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It’s confirmed: you can buy yourself flowers. Miley Cyrus’s latest album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” is a culmination of all her sounds throughout the years. With girlboss lyrics similar to the songs on “Plastic Hearts” and rhythms from the beginning of her career, Cyrus shows her audience how far she has come as an artist while staying true to her brand.

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Cyrus’s lead single “Flowers” was released on Jan. 13, which just so happens to be Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, her ex husband. The couple split up back in 2019, after eight months of marriage and nine years of an on-again, off-again relationship. There has been speculation that “Flowers” is about Hemsworth, with lyrics “We were right ’til we weren’t/ Built a home and watched it burn.”

Along with the song came a music video featuring Cyrus strutting around a house in California. There has been rumors that this house used to be where Hemsworth allegedly cheated on Cyrus with other girls.

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The Album

In her Disney Plus documentary, Cyrus explains how she split up the album in “a.m.” and “p.m.” tracks. The “a.m.” songs have some buzz and energy to them, while she explains the “p.m.” songs to be “grime but glamor.” Cyrus says she created her album like a film, with a conflict in it.

A couple of the songs on the album, Cyrus explains, are written about people in her life. “Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile)” was inspired by her friend who lost her sister to suicide. In her documentary, Cyrus says that it made her think about her little sister and how she just wants her to be a “happy girl,” which was the former name for the song. The song has a smooth rhythm with lyrics about happiness and sisterhood.

Another song that is dedicated to people in her life is “Wonder Woman.” Cyrus wrote this song after her grandmother died, who she and her mom were very close with. Cyrus expresses how her mom and grandmother had a very close relationship, just like her and her mom do now. Therefore, she wrote this song for them. Another reason why her mom inspired this song was through her nail choices. Cyrus remembers how her mom would get very feminine, white french nails when she was little. While she saw them as elegant, Cyrus also noticed how her mom was never afraid to break them. This memory played a big part in the creation of “Wonder Woman.”

Photo posted by @mileycyrus on Instagram
“Miley Cyrus | Endless Summer Vacation | Backyard Sessions”

In her backyard sessions on Disney Plus, Cyrus performed many songs off of her new album at the same house that “Flowers” was filmed at. Throughout the documentary, Cyrus explains a song prior to performing it in different areas inside and outside of the house. While Cyrus sings in stunning dresses on a reflective platform, a live band plays behind her along with backup singers.

However, she included one of her older songs in to the mix as well: “The Climb.” Cyrus performs this song on top of the house wearing a gold dress, ultimately showing how far she has come since she first released “The Climb” back in 2009.

It is also a little ironic that Cyrus decided to sing “The Climb” in her Disney Plus documentary because she sang it in the Disney movie “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” This kind of shows her “return to Disney” after spending a long time away.

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