Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Famous Fictional Band

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70s rock and roll is back with the new Amazon Prime Video show “Daisy Jones & The Six.” This is the first of many book adaptions by the author Taylor Jenkins Reid. 

“Daisy Jones & The Six” was published in 2019 and still takes over the top of the New York Times bestseller charts. The novel reads like a biography about the fictional band “Daisy Jones & The Six.” Throughout the book, Jenkins Reid takes the reader through each member’s perspective and what lead to their stardom. Each character is dynamic but the one that stands out is Daisy. 

All the members view Daisy as magnetic; people can never take their eyes off her. Daisy is the lead singer of the band who creates plenty of turmoil within the group, especially because of her relationship with Billy Dunne. Billy and she never seem to get along but when they sing, everyone listens. The tension between them is complicated, but Reid explains it perfectly. 

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A frustrating phenomenon in literature is the perfection of female characters. Women tend to be written to have only minor flaws and rarely do we see popular messed up female characters. In a novel like “Daisy Jones & The Six,” this could have easily occurred but instead, we see something very different.

The female characters, Daisy, Camila, and Karen, are all deeply flawed. Daisy throughout the book struggles with a drug and alcohol addiction, jeopardizing everything the band has worked for on multiple occasions. Daisy has drive and talent but can never seem to pull herself together. However, even with her flaws and chaos you can’t help but love her character. Daisy is perfectly human and tries to step out of the societal norms women were inflicted by during the 70s. 

Now, we get to see Daisy and the band on screen through Amazon Prime Video. The ten episode series will be a must watch for fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid.

The author has written several other best sellers including, “One True Loves,” “Malibu Rising” and “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.” Many of her books are being developed into television. “One True Loves” is going to be released on April 7. In the book, Jenkins Reid utilizes the same suspenseful energy that she uses in her other books.

Taylor Jenkins Reid has captivated readers worldwide and has become an social media sensation, especially on “BookTok,” a hashtag that is going around TikTok that shows off user’s book recommendations.

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