Making Thanksgiving A Fashion Show

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Who doesn’t love a good Thanksgiving ‘fit? If you’re looking to show off your trendy fall ensemble this Thanksgiving on Instagram, you need to keep reading. This is VALLEY’s guide to the perfect Thanksgiving outfit that will make you stand out on Instagram and at the dinner table (and make you look even more delicious than the turkey).

Constructing the perfect Thanksgiving outfit can sometimes be a struggle. Most likely, you’re going to be around family, so your best bet is to go with something modest. Second, you’re going to want to be comfy, especially enough to sit down and eat as much turkey and stuffing as you want. However, you still want your outfit to be trendy and stylish enough to take some good flicks.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Browns and Neutrals

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fall fashion? It’s most likely styling various shades of brown, whether it be beige, dark chocolate or chestnut. There’s nothing groundbreaking about wearing shades of brown in the fall, but if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it well.

Typically, a luxurious yet cozy outfit follows a color palette of whites, grays, neutrals, muted browns and deep browns.

Maxi skirts are not a common sight, but they are very elegant and perfect for fall. They are also very flattering on shorter people. VALLEY suggests you try out a cream color first and style it with a brown jacket a la Matilda Djerf:

Photo posted by @matildadjerf on Instagram

You may want avoid wearing different shades of brown together, such as a deep dark outfit paired with lighter brown accessories.

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Shades of Gray

If you’re looking to stand out from the sea of brown that’s going to flood your Instagram feed, styling anything gray is the answer. Pairing your outfits with something gray can separate you from the group, and add a bit of a ’90s vibe to your outfit, especially if you style your outfit with a blazer. VALLEY recommends styling grey pieces with something black or white underneath.

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If you want to add more dimension to your outfit, don’t be afraid to mix shades of brown with gray. As for shoes, black knee-high boots of any kind are essential. You might want to invest in the “it” black boot of the season, Steve Madden’s Cypress Black boot.

Unexpected Colors

If you’re looking to create an ensemble that’s a bit out of the ordinary, but still on theme, you might want to consider incorporating some color into your Thanksgiving ‘fit this year. Though you may think light pastel shades belong in the spring, they can brighten up an outfit in the colder months, so keep that in mind this fall and winter!

Perhaps you might want to try out some pastel pink this fall?

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VALLEY is so excited to see all your incredible Thanksgiving outfits! Submit your outfits for this week’s #FitCheckFriday by DMing us on Instagram @VALLEYmag!



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