Keeping Color in Mind: Dressing for the Seasons

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Trends may change at the speed of light, but there are some rules of fashion that withhold the test of time — one of these rules is the concept of seasonal colors. Dressing in colors that reflect that natural beauty of each season is a simple way to elevate your wardrobe.

Fall Colors

The brisk bite of fall brings with it sweaters and jeans, scarves and boots. It is the season that initiates the shift to warmth. We bundle up, drink hot beverages and light candles. This warmth is also reflected in the color palette of fall — browns, oranges and yellows are everywhere in nature and in fashion.

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To dress for fall, wear colors that match the changing leaves. Try various shades of brown, muted yellows and burnt oranges. Hunter greens, rich purples and brick reds are also sure to blend perfectly with the season.

Supplement these foliage-inspired colors with neutrals to flesh out your outfit. Tans, greys and blacks will be your friends.

Winter Colors

As the days grow shorter, the weather gets colder and the environment loses its color. Winter is defined by a clear, yet dark essence. This season can bring with it a harshness, marked by blank landscapes and weather that stings. However, with this harshness comes a sense of cleanness — a reset to the year.

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To reflect the feeling of winter in your wardrobe, stick to the basics. Black and white should be the fashion building blocks of this season. You can supplement these basics with rich, deep shades like emerald green and sapphire blue.

Mirror the natural flush that cold weather gives your skin by bringing varying shades of red into your wardrobe. A basic rule of thumb for winter dressing is cool, dark colors.

Spring Colors

Spring is a time of rebirth marked by the blooming of leaves and flowers. Color returns to the landscape, the air grows warmer and the birds begin to chirp. It is a season of youthful joy.

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For spring, the general idea is to select soft colors. Pinks, blues, greens, yellows — everything is fair game, just make it pale and light. The soft air and mild weather should be reflected in your gentle use of color.

When it comes to neutrals, it’s best to round out your wardrobe with varying shades of cream — nothing too stark.

Summer Colors

Summer is a vibrant season. The air is hot and people are full of cheer. Summer strikes images of waves crashing on the beach, bright blue skies, children playing and kites flying.

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This season is bold, and you should reflect this in your clothing color palette. Think fuchsia and turquoise, lemon yellow and mandarin orange. Let the joy that is summer manifest in your clothes.

Bright, clear whites are the best neutral for the season.

Breaking the Rules

While these guidelines can help you to curate a season-appropriate wardrobe, there is no reason to only wear colors when they are “in season.” In fact, some of the boldest fashion moments occur when people break the rules.

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For example, if you look best in a fall color palette, but it’s spring, dress primarily in fall colors and add a pop of spring color through accessories — a baby blue headband, some spring green earrings.

Take these guidelines, and use them as a first step. The more you learn about color theory, which colors suit your skin tone and which colors you like best, the more you can personalize your use of color. Color is a wonderful tool of self-expression, don’t be afraid to play around with it.

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