New York Fashion Week is Over… Let’s Look at Trends

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In a world of virtual events and meetings, the infamous New York Fashion Week was no exception. Having to showcase their designs through a screen, designers got creative with both their visuals on and off the models. Here’s an insight into what the world of fashion will see more of as the year 2021 progresses in fall and winter.

Bringing Back the 80s through Prints and Fabrics

Low-rise jeans, funky prints, velvet, all are making their comeback in fashion. Shows like Maisie Wilen and A.Potts focused their looks on the groovy vibes of the 80s. No doubt, there will be an increase in velvet, monochrome looks, businesswear, bright and contrasting colors and unique graphics.

Photo via Maisie Wilen’s 2021 Fashion Show
Photo via of A. Potts
Comfy Businesswear for Women

Fashion loves breaking gender boundaries so it is no surprise that a huge trend in the shows this year was businesswear. More specifically, designers recognized the new “workplace” for most people is at home, so why not make comfortable formal wear for Zoom meetings and coffee breaks in the kitchen. Aknavas, Nicole Miller, Maisie Wilen and other designers showcased their at-home businesswear to promote the intersection of lounge and work.


Social issues have been on the rise lately with more protests and push for climate reforms. To reflect the recent progression in our world, some designers formed a mission of sustainability and hope for an end to unethical and fast fashion. Fashion has become a huge contributor to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to a Vogue article, apparel and footwear producers in just three countries accounts for over 4% of global greenhouse emissions.

Photo via of Onymrk

To combat this issue, designers like Onymrk, Geoffrey Mac, Lukhanyo Mdingi focused their collections on sustainable and ethical practices in fashion. Monse used upcycled clothes to create new, unique mashups of patterns and materials. NYFW showed that there is always a way to make fashion beautiful but also sustainable.

Photo via of Lukhanyo Mdingi
Photo via of Monse
Being Trendy without that NYFW budget

The fashion industry and its trends are heavily influenced by high-fashion designers. While many cannot afford the quality and beautiful pieces seen on the runways, they can be mimicked easily. Princess Polly, Adika, Aritizia and more affordable retailers are beginning to sell trendy pieces that reflect those seen during NYFW.

If you are looking to boost your wardrobe and play with the trends seen during these shows, you can do it without breaking the bank. Tag us on Instagram @VALLEYmag with your trendiest outfits.

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