History Repeats Itself, Especially in Fashion

Photo from mcnayart.org

History is always repeating itself, and this definitely stands true in the fashion world. It’s always fun to see what trends are making a comeback and learning new ways to style them. It is also so fun to see our parents and older relatives get nostalgic at some of the items we wear, especially since we don’t even realize how vintage and old our styles are.

Some of the latest trends that were once popular decades ago and have made a recent comeback are plaid, bell-bottom pants, baggy jeans (or mom jeans), puffed sleeves and corsets, and chunky sneakers. Let’s take a look at exactly what these trends are and how to style them.

Plaid printed garments were originally popular in the ’70s. Many women styled these by tying them in knots and showing some skin, and you can say that plaid played a role in flipping a milestone for women’s fashion. Recently, we have seen plaid make its way back into stores in the form of pants, skirts and shirts have once again become increasingly popular. Plaid print is often cute to style as a preppy look with high socks and a cute blouse. You can see plaid being styled in a professional sleek manner as well.

Bell-bottom pants and baggy jeans are a VALLEY favorite as these styles should have never gone out to begin with. These pants were first popular in the ’60s and remained in style through the ’70s. These jeans and pants have recently become extremely popular once again as you can see them styled as casual streetwear outfits or even as a cute going-out look. As seen on popular shopping sites such as Fashion Nova, there are a ton of different ways to style bell-bottoms and baggy jeans.

Photo from fashionnova.com
Photo from fashionnova.com

The puffed sleeve and corset are also styles that were dearly missed but have finally made a comeback. Puffed sleeves were originally popular in the ’90s and quickly went out of style before the 2000s hit. Recently, this style, as well as the corset, has made a rapid comeback. Puffed sleeves are seen in typically nicer blouses and going-out tops. We have seen this now in modern garments such as bodysuits and even combined with the corset look. These tops are super cute to style with jeans for a night out or even dress pants for a more formal function.

Photo from windsorstore.com
Photo from windsorstore.com

Last but certainly not least, chunky sneakers have officially made their comeback since their peak time of popularity in the mid-90s and early 2000s. A company that has majorly re-introduced this trend is Fila. The Fila sneaker has become increasingly popular especially amongst college-aged girls who typically style them with baggy jeans. These sneakers are typically a lot chunkier than what we have seen in our time and are styled as a platform look.

Photo from fila.com

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