The Return of the Headband

Calling Blair Waldorf! The return of preppy fashion, with its collared shirts and tennis skirts, have brought headbands back with it, and we are so here for it.

Preppy style is timeless, so it was only a matter of time before headbands were acceptable again. Here are some fashionable ways to make the headband trend your own and feel just like Blair.

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Wide Headbands

The return of the headband isn’t for practical reasons — it’s a statement. What better way to make a statement than a bold and wide headband? With different colors, fabrics and patterns, this fun addition to your outfit will make it look complete and put together.

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Embellished Headbands

Are you trying to tap into your inner princess? Wearing a tiara on a daily basis may be pushing it, but embellished headbands are a close alternative. Pearls or gems on a headband is the perfect addition to any posh outfit. It says, “the person wearing this is a queen, and don’t forget it.” Don’t be afraid to remind people of the king/queen you are with this accessory.

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Padded Headbands

The bigger, the better, right? If you’re willing to go a little bit out of your shell for your look, padded headbands are definitely the trend you will want to hop on. These headbands definitely draw attention to an outfit, while also adding a voluminous touch to the hair.

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Sporty Headbands

For days when you are rocking your tennis skirts and oversized sweaters, a sporty headband will certainly give off the impression that you’re off to the courts – even if you’re not. If you actually are off being active, the practicality of sporty headbands are a huge plus too for those of you who always wind up with your hair in your face.

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Leather Headbands

Classy meets cool. If you’re more on the edgy side, but secretly want to join the trend, a simple classic leather/faux leather headband is definitely the way to go. Adding any sort of leather accessory gives an outfit a sort of sultry, nighttime feel. Why not try it out with a headband?

Here at VALLEY, we are so happy that headbands are finally making a comeback. We’re currently filling up our Amazon carts and rewatching “Gossip Girl.”

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