Ooh la la: mon cher moi Rings are in

Photo by @monchermoi on Instagram

You have probably seen an influencer or model by now showing off colorful and shapely rings along with a fresh set of nails and either an iced coffee or other delightful items in hand.

If you need something to pull yourself out of an accessory slump, mon cher moi rings are the perfect item to add to your collection.

Photo by @monchermoi on Instagram
Where are they from?

The Los Angeles-based and women-owned brand has been soaring in popularity recently thanks to successful collaborations between well-known social media stars like Emma Chamberlain and Kylie Jenner. The brand also makes and sells earrings, but their rings are what they are most well known for.

Mon cher moi rings have proved themselves to be highly Instagrammable — thanks to their unique shapes and colors. Their brand name also extends as a mission statement, explaining that their rings hope to spark self-love and creativity. 

Photo by @monchermoi on Instagram

Whenever you wear our pieces, we hope they make you feel powerful and joyful.

Mon cher moi

The company sells out of pieces fast but does restock sold-out inventory every Friday at 9 a.m. PST. 

Mon cher moi rings are often named after food, nature, pop culture references like movie or book characters and nods to famous art pieces like their ‘Birth of Venus’ ring.

Photo from monchermoi.com

Popular Youtuber and all-around fashion icon Emma Chamberlain recently brought her own personal collection of mon cher moi rings to a Louis Vuitton shoot, propelling the brand even further into the national spotlight.

Photo by @monchermoi on Instagram
How do I wear them?

These funky rings are perfect for dressing up or down. Depending on which finger they’re worn on, the rings can be layered to create different combinations.

The brand also has a variety of playful colors and shapes that work as focal points or complementary pieces.

Photo by @monchermoi on Instagram

Ready to live out your Pinterest dreams? Treat yourself and head over to monchermoi.com and snag some rings before they’re gone.

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