A Plea to Bring Back Graphic Tees

Photo from glamourmagazine.co.uk

Y2K fashion is finally making a comeback, and VALLEY’s inner 2000s baby is internally screaming right now. While Juicy Couture and Von Dutch are re-establishing themselves as a staple, there is one trend that still needs to officially come back. Yes, we’re talking about graphic tees.

What’s better than a t-shirt that describes your exact mood? Our favorite 2000s household names were all for this trend. We’re practically begging them to bring these vibes back.

Photo from crfashionbook.com

Here’s our beloved Brit wearing a baby-tee that accurately describes her to a T saying, “I am the American Dream.” Heck-yeah she is! Britney used to be the queen of the graphic tees. She was always spotted with a new slogan plastered across her chest. Her t-shirts are just the right amount of comfort mixed with “check me out!” VALLEY can not get enough.

Photo from crfashionbook.com

Drew Barrymore here is getting her message across loud and clear. Here at VALLEY, we appreciate the boldness of Ms. Barrymore’s tee—simple and forward.

Photo from glamour.com

We all recognize this shirt on the lovely Regina George (Rachel McAdams). As soon as Regina wore this t-shirt, we should have known what the rest of the movie would look like. She was, in fact, a little bit dramatic. She did warn us.

Photo from lapisandlayers.com

Nicole Richie asks a simple question with her t-shirt: where’s her couture? It’s to remind us that she does in fact wear couture, and she’s just having a laundry day.

Photo from crfashionbook.com

We can’t talk about Nicole without talking about Paris. Paris Hilton here is certainly serving up a mood. She’s just reminding us of what we all already know—it’s her world and we’re just living in it.

Amidst all the Y2K fashions, why are the graphic tees the last to join the party? Dressed up or dressed down, the graphic tee is an icon that needs to make a return.

Here at VALLEY, we are hopping on this trend immediately.

VALLEY wants to hear from you! What do you think? Is the graphic tee a thing of the past? Or the next thing on your shopping list? Tweet us @VALLEYMag!



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