Nail Designs That Might Be Your New Fave

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It’s no secret that picking out a nail design or color is important to avid salon goers; sometimes even more so than their outfits. To some, their nails are quite literally everything. From the color they pick, the nail tech doing them and the one and only salon they trust, their nails are who they are. Some people are on a strict schedule to keep up with their nails so when COVID-19 hit and salons had shut down, it was a difficult time for those with acrylics.

This led to a ton of people ordering UV lamps and kits attempting to do their own nails, There have been a lot of different nail designs that are trending, and VALLEY has compiled the best of them.

The Simple French Manicure with a Pop of Color
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The beloved, classic french tip. Usually, the tips would be with a white polish, but one of the new trends is adding color instead. This fun nail style is still simple and classy, but more interesting. Not only have people been adding a pop of color, but they will have designs like an animal print, hearts or really whatever someone is feeling to the tip as well. This could be a great nail style for you if you’re wanting something

Wavy Nails
Photo by @gelsbybry on Instagram

This new nail design has become very common within the last couple of months. Although this nail style seems simple, many nail techs have a difficult time achieving this look. This is another simple and classy look that can add some spice and excitement to your nails.

Outlined nails
Photo by @jenny.jennys on Instagram

An elegant outlined french tip, but not filled in. This look has also become very popular but is very simplistic. This look is not for those who want that crazy designs that fill up the nails, but instead for people who like something simple and sweet. This look could be done with any color if you want to make it more interesting.

The Different Design on Every Nail
Photo by @nadiaa_o on Instagram

Adding a different design on every nail has become super popular recently. These are for the risk-takers who are more spontaneous with their nails and have a hard time choosing just one design or color. If you like crazy nails, doing this is for you.

If you get any of these designs, take a picture and tag us on Instagram @VALLEYmag!



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