Are You Prepped for the Summer?

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In stark contrast to the sleazy style of last summer, championed by tie-dye and outfits donned by Jonah Hill, Justin Bieber and Pete Davidson, this summer’s style is a more refined, cleaner look by means of prep.

The infatuation with the expensive style associated with Ivy League students of decades past seems to reemerge just about once every several years and has established itself as a true testament to the lasting power of good taste.

Although VALLEY certainly isn’t suggesting you head over to your nearest Brooks Brothers or J.Crew and empty out your bank account, we would like to turn your attention to some brands that are catching the wave at entirely the right time, in an exciting and new way.

Noah NYC

In 2015, Noah opened it doors hoping to make a dent in a streetwear market that seemed nearly full of brands that wanted to be the next Supreme. Although Noah’s founder and creative director, Brendon Babenzien, had worked as a designer over at Supreme for quite a while, he was trying to take his brand in a completely opposite direction. This direction has led Noah into some extremely innovative territory, especially for such a young brand. For example, rather than just traditional streetwear, Noah provides some preppy goods like colorful rugby shirts, full summer suits made of linen and argyle vests.


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Pull up in this and eviscerate just about everyone in a four block radius. There is no way they will not see you coming.

Rowing Blazers

The name implies a deeply rooted tradition in the actual act of rowing (another extremely preppy sport), which is particularly evident in the brand’s history. In 2017, former U.S. national team rower Jack Carlson opened the floodgates, crafting a product that was both an ode to the sport he loved so much and also a gentle nod to the menswear storm that surrounds its preppy foundation. The brand has since gone to create some of the best modern rugby shirts we’ve seen, as well as blazers that are as technical as they are beautiful. Carlson’s wit and ability to tie in as many aspects of prep lead to one of the more captivating new brands to date.

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Clearly a novelty, this hat nearly yells, “I’m interning at J.P. Morgan this summer!”

Beams Plus

One of the many offshoots of the beloved Japanese brand Beams, Beams Plus specializes in the Americana side of design. Since 1999, Beams Plus has been providing their own iterations of the most functional menswear, and with their bit of flair, exhibiting a finesse and specificity in a way that only they can. Some of their constantly running styles include soft-washed chinos, camp collar shirts and nearly every photo in their lookbook feature models wearing gorgeous penny loafers.

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Wearing just about anything in this outfit constitutes a proper Yale education, even if you’re faking it.


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