The Comeback of Coach

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When we hear the name Coach, our minds immediately think of the logo-clad double “C” design printed on wristlets and small colorful handbags that all of our middle school selves would dream about owning. Arguably, those rainbow-labeled bags are iconic as a trademark of early 2000s style, but Coach has done a 180 in terms of design over the past couple of seasons, and VALLEY is here for it. 

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The rebranding of Coach notably began back in 2017 when the company announced new ownership under Tapestry. An online business with fixed components, Tapestry also owns other classic designer brands such as Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman. Although the switch in ownership was taken somewhat negatively by the media, Coach was able to manage better than other retailers during COVID-19 since their mother company is designed for online shoppers. 

Along with the switch in ownership, Coach continued to make drastic changes within their brand that have completely changed the perception of their brand. In terms of design, handbags and accessories are mostly monotone staple colors with little to no patterns, making items a more worth wild investment for everyday use. When it comes to silhouettes, new handbags feature the recognizable curve or box design which has remained timeless. While the double “C” pattern has not been ditched completely, bags featuring this design are more muted and the logo is in much finer print than in previous decades. 

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Coach has also used the power of social media to announce their new image to the public and target audience. By recruiting a large pool of celebrities ranging from Jennifer Lopez to Cole Sprouse who are posting aesthetic images flaunting new handbags and accessories all over Instagram. The advertising efforts by the brand have completely altered the way many people view the brand and have no doubt turned some heads.

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VALLEY thinks it is safe to say this brand is back on the come-up, notorious for its mark on pop culture and now timeless essential bags. With releases in trendy and neutral colors, subtle designs, and stunning notes of architecture, there is now a Coach bag for every style.

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