The Best Sneakers That Aren’t AF1s

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Regardless of your personal style, it is undeniable that a white sneaker can be paired with just about anything to achieve an effortless look while staying trendy. And when it comes to white sneakers, we give a deserved round of applause to the star of the show, Nike Air Force 1s. While there is nothing wrong with pairing the tried and true Air Forces with your daily outfits, why not step into a white sneaker that you haven’t tried out yet?

If the Air Force 1 really is your go-to shoe and you aren’t quite ready for a completely different look, Veja offers a leather shoe with a thick leather sole that faintly resembles it, the V-12. Veja V-12s are not only super cute and versatile but they are also made out of sustainable materials which makes them that much better! While the V-12s are a great option, Veja does offer a ton of sneaker styles in whites, colors, and combinations and everyone is sure to find their perfect pair running in prices from $80-160.

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If you do want to go a little bit out of your comfort zone, shoes with platform bottoms are a great way to add an extra level of style to your sneaker game. For the best white platform sneaker, VALLEY recommends checking out Supergas 2790 ACOTW White model. With a 1.5 inch sole, this shoe will boost both your height and confidence while still being super comfortable for everyday wear to walk downtown. Reasonably priced and under $100, these shoes make a great addition to any closet. 

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Next on our love list of sneakers is a more subtle option for people who want to slip on and go when it comes to shoes. Tretorn’s Nyteliteplus Sneakers are made out of a low-rise plush material that makes these shoes comfortable and versatile. Also under $100, so what’s not to love?

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Finally, our last white sneaker that isn’t an Air Force 1 is the beloved Everlane Forever Platform Sneaker that is fairly priced at $70 and composed of 100% cotton for ultimate comfort. The sneaker can be worn in an infinite amount of ways making them one of VALLEY’s favorites!

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No matter which shoe you go for, white sneakers are must-haves in any closet. Tag @VALLEYmag on Instagram with the hashtag #fitcheckfriday showing us how you wear your fave sneakers!


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