Which Docs are the Most Painful?

Whether someone is shoe-obsessed or only owns what they need, they know how essential Dr. Martens are. Not only have they been consistently stylish, but also well-made and long-lasting. In the 1960s the original general style combat boot was created in England. It had the distinctive black leather and yellow stitching still used today and was also branded as ‘Airwair,’ which is still printed on the boots now.

Even though they started as plain work boots, Dr. Martens have evolved into a staple for modern fashion. That all began when Pete Townshend from The Who began wearing them as a symbol of the working class and rebellion. In the 70s, British youth wore them as well as a fashionable piece, specifically those affiliated with punk, goth, or rebellious culture. Eventually, musicians began wearing them at festivals, and people began customizing the boots with florals or other designs. The brand became affiliated with music culture, falling off around the 2000s, but picking back up in the 2010s.

Now, they have been consistently popular for many different situations, including concerts, recreation, runways, work, and more. Dr. Martens are known to look good with almost any outfit and last as long as necessary.

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One thing to consider when buying Dr. Martens is the fact that they can be quite expensive, and are notoriously painful to break in. Many report blisters, cuts, and discomfort until the heavy shoes conform to the foot.

1460 Original Leather Boot
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The 1460s are the OG Dr. Marten boots and are a classic. They go with anything and look good. They are going to be a bit painful to break in, with blisters essentially promised. Although, once they fit right, they will last a lifetime.

Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boot
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These have been the go-to for people looking for a chunkier boot, and they are notoriously painful but stylish and cute. The Jadon Platforms will absolutely give blisters from the stiff sole and are probably one of the most overall painful boots that Dr. Martens sells. But looking this cool makes it worth it – just don’t forget a thick pair of socks.

1461 Smooth Leather Platform Shoe
Photo from drmartens.com

The 1461s seemed to blow up over quarantine and are a trendy and adorable staple for those who want the platform but something a little different. These may still be painful due to the thicker sole, so thick socks are essential until they are broken in.

Voss Leather Strap Sandals
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These shoes are a great option for the warmer months and those who prefer something lighter. Although these seem potentially quite painful with the thick sole and leather straps, they actually are not as bad. The sole is more of a foam, and the straps may take a bit to conform, but not as long as a whole boot would. These are a fantastic choice for someone who spends a lot of time in warm weather but still wants to own a pair of Dr. Martens.

When it comes down to it, all shoes will take a bit to break in, and the long-term investment is always worth it. Tweet us @VALLEYmag with your favorite Dr. Martens!


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