Must-Visit Downtown International Markets

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If you are bored of the lack of options within the downtown Target and Mclanahan’s, look no further. These stores have different choices and cultures of food, including Indian, Japanese, Thai, African and more. For those looking to find meals closer to their own cultures these are great spots, as well as if you are interested in trying new types of foods or spices within walking distance for those living on campus or downtown.

Krishan Grocery Store
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This grocery is right next to Little Szechuan and Five Guys on 230 W. College Ave. It has a wide variety of Indian products, including spices, frozen food, packaged food, beverages, rice and other trinkets and ingredients. It is a small business as well, so it is a great spot to stop into near the west side of campus. This business has been here for a while and is well known by community members of State College.

That Oriental Store
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This place is also on the west side of downtown right by campus, on 451 Railroad Ave. This is another small business, with a quite friendly owner. It is also said to be an authentic Asian grocery store. There is a wide variety of snacks, kimchi and produce options.

State College International Market
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Walking distance to Old Main, this shop is located on 328 S. Allen St., about a block past Cozy Thai in the direction away from campus. This shop has multiple different types of food from different countries, including Indian, Japanese, Thai, Middle Eastern and more. There is candy, frozen food, halal options, rice, flour, seasoning, tofu, drinks and a ton more. This grocery has many options if you are looking to experiment with new ingredients.

Mr. Wish Grocery
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Mr. Wish is a new spot that just recently went in downtown State College, located at 320 E. College Ave. Although it is not a small business, it also has a small restaurant in it called Hibachi Express, as well as a boba restaurant. There are a lot of different Asian groceries here, ranging from cooking utensils and frozen food to produce and ramen. They also have different kinds of meats and noodles to buy, as well as candy. This is a go-to spot if you need boba and want to browse around.

Penn Halal Grocery
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This shop has different options from cultures like Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern and South Indian. It is located on 236 E. Calder Way, right behind Urban Outfitters. There are different spices, sauces, meal starters, snacks and more. Plus, it is located in the heart of downtown.

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