The Spotlight’s on PinkPantheress

Photo by @pinkpantherees from Instagram.

If you are on the lookout for the 20-minute concert of your life, PinkPantheress is the artist for you. Chances are if you use TikTok or are involved in the music scene, PinkPantheress, a 20-year-old singer, songwriter and producer has come upon your music platform of choice.

Her song “Pain” began to blow up throughout different social media in early 2021, as it was upbeat and creatively written, appealing to many young adults and teenagers. For a while, no one truly knew who was releasing all the random songs that kept coming up as popular audios, until more users began to investigate.

Another well-enjoyed song she released was “Break It Off,” a high-energy dance song that resembled beats coming from the ’90s and 2000s. Her aesthetic works well with the current wave of trends coming back, as Y2K is having a massive renaissance in lifestyle and fashion. Another hit PinkPantheress made was “Just for Me,” a sweet tune about being irresistibly obsessed with a lover.

Now, she has signed to the record labels Parlaphone and Elektra Records. Her English roots come through clearly in her voice and she attends the University of Arts in London while working on many of her songs. PinkPantheress also admitted to creating quite a few of her hit tunes on GarageBand in her university hall after classes. With this simplicity, she reflects the genre of bedroom pop.

Photo posted by @Halun00 on Instagram

PinkPantheress’ music also is categorized as regular pop, dance or alt-pop. She has only released one album, which came out recently on Oct. 15, called “To Hell With It.” It is silky smooth and effortlessly jammable, yet the lyrics are painfully relatable for many still growing up or experiencing young love. The album included many of her original singles mentioned before, including a couple of other hits as well and new songs.

Another loved song by PinkPantheress fanatics is the single “Passion,” included on her latest album drop, where she sings softly about how the lack of care she was receiving from those around her — including her friends, family and teachers — made her lose her light. It is a contrast of sorrowful lyrics and upbeat sound. Her sound is quite effortless and has an abundance of space to continue to grow.

Fans of the beloved and upcoming singer PinkPantheress are watching for new releases, as she seems to stay mysterious about releasing music and when she is creating it. The only option is to keep your eye out for what she does next.


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