Prints are Back and They’re Here to Stay

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The 75 and sunny Saturdays in State College are forcing us to bring out our best spring outfits and giving VALLEY serious inspiration.

Minimalists beware- even though we’ve since retired the funky prints and florals we used to rock as kids, fashion never fails to come full circle. If you’re looking to say goodbye to the dark shades of winter fashion and bring more pops of color into your wardrobe this season, this trend is perfect for you. 

If you’re a pro at online shopping, you’ve seen the comeback of retro prints and florals in this spring and summer’s fashion, aka the next biggest trend that will soon fill our closets. 

Major influencers in fashion today have been dominating our social media with bright, retro prints, similar to those of the past that are just to die for. 70’s inspired hair and fashion have been having a moment with curtain bangs, so groovy prints can rightfully have their time in the sun. 

With Jéan and Frankies Bikinis are just a few of the breakout brands that have been gaining popularity fast rapidly due to their embrace of unique prints, their signature pieces. 

(Photo via @WithJéan on Instagram)
(Photo via @FrankiesBikinis on Instagram)

VALLEY completely understands that these brands may be way out of a college student’s price range, so be sure to check out stores like Zara and Princess Polly for your affordable print needs. 

(Photo via @PrincessPollyBoutique on Instagram)

The print craze doesn’t just end with clothing pieces- mismatched pattern nails are at the forefront of current nail designs. Here’s one nail design that you must show to your nail technician: 

(Photo via @KylieJenner on Instagram)

Fashion trends are constantly changing because they’re a reflection of our culture and society. They’re sure to have been inspired by where we are in this time in the pandemic, embracing nostalgia while bringing a new flair to old styles. We’re all in the mood to get back to the “good old days”, hence the embrace of classic styles with adding a bright little twist. We’ve been through the worst and have seen the worst, but now it’s time we get back to how things used to be, but with positivity and confidence, as shown through bold and colorful prints. 

These prints can be as versatile as you make them- there’s a print for every mood and occasion. If you’re feeling feminine, go with a floral halter. If you’re feeling edgy, the bright mod patterns are what you need. 

(Photo via @WithJéan on Instagram)

Prints for the summer couldn’t be more fitting. It’s a celebration of where we are and what spring means to all of us now that we’re almost out of the woods of the pandemic. A year ago we were dressing to embrace the ‘stay home’ lifestyle, but this summer with a major increase in vaccine rollout, we’re fairly confident there’ll be a lot less of that going on. 

Though we’ve had a dark winter, this summer brings hope of a return to normalcy, making us all super excited for a regular summer ahead. Bright prints are our symbol of more positive vibes coming our way in the warmer months. 

VALLEY wants to see how you style your prints this season! Tag us with your best fits @VALLEYmag to get featured on #fitcheckfriday!



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