Leia by Valeria Lipovetsky

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With social media continuing to reveal more online personalities, Valeria Lipovetsky is a name that has not gone unnoticed. Esteemed for her classic and fresh style with a mindset that makes her both a role model and virtual gal pal, Valeria has rightfully gained the love of millions. Along with her Youtube channel that features relationship, family, career and beauty/fashion advice to her fun Instagram/TikToks showing short tidbits of her life, Valeria also has her own collection of jewelry and accessories to complement every style – Leia. 

Photo posted by @valerialipovetsky on Instagram

Leia, by Valeria Lipovetsky is a collection created with the mission to enable women to show some well-deserved self-care to themselves and wear pieces that allow them to feel confident by complimenting their personal style and beauty. This goal aligns seamlessly with Valeria’s entire brand, as she constantly is opening up a genuine conversation with women that breaks down insecurities and inspires them to be nothing short of fierce. 

Photo posted by @leiacollection on Instagram

Leia offers timeless accessories that are sure to be staples in every wardrobe. Jewelry pieces in the line feature the perfect balance of styles on-trend with essential styles that can be worn every day. Created with materials such as ethically sourced diamonds and pearls, 14k solid gold and 10k gold vermeil, every jewelry piece is made to last and withstand wear. Ranging in reasonable prices for the materials used, the jewelry is priced anywhere from $40-350 so that everyone can find something that will make them feel special. 

Photo posted by @leiacollection on Instagram

Along with carefully curated jewelry that is tested and loved by Valeria, Leia also offers sunglasses that capture Valeria’s signature style. Perfect for all activities and occasions, these versatile designs are sure to elevate all styles and outfits. Ranging in prices from $40-80, these are great staple accessories to invest in to achieve effortless style wherever you are. 

Leia, by Valeria Liopovetsky is truly a line worth the hype that surrounds it. From its mission of empowerment to Valeria’s safe and supportive community of confident women, the pieces stand for much more than just pretty accessories. By adding any of these classic items to your collection, you are not only investing in your own style but also supporting a line that stands for uniting women which is beautiful in its own right. 

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