Gucci x The North Face: The New Collab

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The long-anticipated collaboration between Gucci and The North Face has arrived. Although some would never expect a luxury fashion house to merge with a brand known for the great outdoors, the partnership marks yet another example of exclusivity and accessibility coming together to form a whole new category of style.

Gucci is not the first fashion house to do this. In recent years, the two worlds of luxury and streetwear have come together in many impressive ways, allowing people to dress casually and comfortably while showing off the prestige that comes with high fashion. There have been numerous partnerships between traditional luxury brands and streetwear designers; Fendi x Fila, Louis Vuitton x Supreme and Fenty x Puma are just a few examples. 

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The goal of these collaborations? For the luxury world, it’s a way to tap into the younger consumer market and gain some much-needed street cred. For streetwear brands, it gives them the ability to get their designs out into the world in a new, exclusive way. These coveted collections excite the younger generations as they represent both a sense of community and individuality; a connection with the brand itself and others who wear the pieces, and a strong sense of self-expression through unique, hard to replicate designs. 

These collections not only bring about a new market for both brands but also tend to be very successful. The collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs was unveiled on a runway in Paris back in October of 2017. When the shoes dropped online the following February, they sold out in record time, showcasing just another example of how combining luxury and streetwear is a recipe for success. 

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The exciting partnership between Gucci and The North Face made headlines back in September when Gucci posted vague video clips to Instagram and TikTok announcing the joint venture. The video featured a flag with both brands’ logos pitched on a summit. While it didn’t reveal anything about the collection, it put fans, and the fashion world in general, on notice. 

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Finally released on Jan. 6, the expansive collection features everything from windbreakers and puffer jackets to a series of backpacks and bags. Some other highlights include gender-neutral hiking boots, hats, belt bags and even sleeping bags and tents that are sure to make any camping trip feel that much more enticing.  

With an aesthetic that Gucci creative director Allesandro Michele says is most similar to “camp,” the collection is full of bright colors and vibrant patterns. It also includes a new logo that intertwines the unmistakable half-dome of The North Face and Gucci’s signature green and red web stripe. 

The clothing stays true to its theme of adventure and self-expression with an emphasis on nature and the great outdoors, but with the addition of the uniqueness we expect from Gucci. We see Michele’s aesthetic flourish with the use of greens and blues that aren’t normally found in nature. The North Face doesn’t let itself be outshined; the brand brings the wilderness into several pieces through the use of floral patterns and a focus on silhouettes inspired by original The North Face designs from the 70s. 

The North Face x Gucci collection is available to shop (or browse!) on VALLEY recommends getting your pieces as soon as possible –this collection is sure to sell out quickly!


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