Dylan is That Girlboss.

Photo taken from @dylanmulvaney on Instagram

Many know the Tiktok star Dylan Mulvaney as a beacon of light to the trans community on the app, spreading love and awareness on her platform. But on “Day 233 of girlhood” she squashed her first online girl drama cat fight. And we think it’s safe to say she won this one with grace, poise and a little spice. Backlash and ridicule is nothing new to Mulvaney, but when it came from inside the trans community, she had to take a stand. 

Photo taken from @dylanmulvaney on Instagram

Not at all surprisingly, Senator Marsha Blackburn took her offense to Dylan’s existence to twitter. The clip in question Blackburn was trolling was a particularly educational and innocent, as Mulvaney’s content tends to be. The message Dylan was spreading was normalizing trans bodies in every stage of their transition as they find the way they want to present themselves. She revealed that people often will stare at her buldge in public and sealed the message with her chanting, “normalize the buldge!”

Blackburn labeled Mulvaney’s message as “absurdity” which soon got a stamp of approval from non other than Miss Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner took to twitter and doubled down on the hate by responding, “Let’s not normalize any of what this person is doing.” What followed was an uprising from Dylan’s die hard followers as well as several media outlets reporting her comments. That wasn’t enough of a message to back off for the ex-olympian/reality show star. She then went back to the app to misgender Mulvaney in a hateful message that read, “There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance, normalizing exposing your genitals in a public way and a public place… I do not support that at all, in the slightest. Dylan…congrats your trans with a penis.”

Photo taken from @dylanmulvaney on Instagram

In true Dylan Mulvaney fashion she responded with elegance and class unlike her fellow trans star. She asked Jenner to think back to when she herself was first transitioning, navigating her appearance as a women. Mulvaney pointed out that this hate while directed at her, was a cruel statement to the entire trans community. Gender reassignment surgery, or “bottom surgery” as it is referred to on the internet is an extremely expensive procedure that many people in the community do not have access to.

Photo taken from @dylanmulvaney on Instagram

Dylan made sure to mention that she is no doubt aware that her and Jenner are two of the most privileged trans women in the industry. This attack on Dylan was an obvious political response to her meeting President Joe Biden as Caitlyn has been extremely loud in her Republican status. Dylan hinted to this when she said, “…These people that you’re standing with, I dont know if they have your best intentions at heart. But they will use you to make mine and the trans community’s life a lot harder than it already is.”

If you didn’t already follow Dylan Mulvaney this is your sign! She even made sure to wish Caitlyn a “Happy Birthday” following her hatred. No one on that app has a bigger heart than Dylan.

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