THON 2016: If THON Dancers Were Given One Wish…

Photo by Steph Distasio

If THON Dancers were granted one wish, and this wish could be anything in the world, what would it be? That’s what Valley asked 12 of this year’s dancers as they rolled through their first night of the weekend.

Some answered in the spirit of THON itself:

“Cure Cancer! Obviously!” says senior Griffin Lee, who is dancing independently.

“That goodbyes from cancer wouldn’t have to happen anymore. You never know when it’s going to be the last time,” says junior Emily Bailey, who is dancing for Penn State Behrend.

“I wish that our THON child wasn’t going through treatment anymore,” says senior Mackenzie Scheier, who is dancing for Kappa Delta.

“That despite their struggles, people can find their happiness,” says senior Stephanie Bilyeu, who is also dancing for Kappa Delta.

Others wished for items that would help get them through the next 46-hours:

“To have my 8 a.m. on Monday get cancelled,” says Evan Balas, a junior dancing for ski club.

“I would want to have a puppy. Like 100 golden retrievers. They need to have puppies here,” says Emily Gardner, a senior dancing for Axis, with which Valley agrees.

“I want a chocolate fountain with strawberries and cookies and all that,” says Bryce Raymond, a junior dancing for the Forensic Science Club.

Some were thinking in the big picture:

“I would want to go to Italy,” says Jackie Harpe, a senior dancing for the Forensic Science Club.

“I want to teleport,” says Bill McDonnell, a senior dancing for Acacia.

“To go skiing in British Columbia,” says Ryan Gesso, a freshman dancing for Fayette, without hesitation.

And others wished that loved ones could share in this amazing experience with them:

“I wish my brother could be here,” says Julie Walter, a senior dancing for Clown Nose Club, whose brother is currently in Florida.

“I wish my girlfriend could be here with me,” says Cory Jordan, a senior dancing for Axis, whose girlfriend is currently in Georgia.