The Total Last Lunar Eclipse…Until 2025

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Last Tuesday marked an important date in celestial history. The last lunar eclipse, often called the “Blood Moon” occurred on Nov. 8th. This is the last lunar eclipse for the next three years, with the next one reportedly going to occur on March 14, 2025. If you missed this moment in lunar history, fear not, VALLEY has all the details on what went down and what this lunar eclipse could mean on a more astrological level.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

According to, a lunar eclipse is when the Sun, Moon and Earth align so that the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. This eclipse that occurred last Tuesday, however, was a total lunar eclipse. In a total lunar eclipse, the entire Moon falls within the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow, this is called the umbra. In this, when the Moon is within the umbra it emits a reddish hue. Because of this, this is why total lunar eclipses are called “Blood Moons.”

To be more specific, this occurrence is called the Rayleigh scattering. Generally speaking, light travels in different wavelengths across the universe. In this lunar eclipse, the Moon turns red because the sunlight reaching the Moon passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. This is because the more dust and clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere during the eclipse, the redder the Moon would have appeared. 

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So how did people experience this phenomenon on Tuesday? Well, to answer that question people didn’t really need to do much in order to witness this Blood Moon. All they needed to do was be in a generally dark environment away from bright lights made a good viewing environment. To get a more close look at this eclipse, many people opted for using a telescope or binoculars to get a more in-depth look.

This eclipse was visible almost across the entire world. The stage in which the Moon was in the Earth’s shadow was visible in North America, Central America, Ecuador, Colombia, western parts of Venezuela and Peru. It was also visible in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

What Could This Lunar Eclipse Mean?

Now with this being a celestial event that involves the Moon and the Sun, there are many people that would dive into the deeper meaning of this event. According to Refinery29, this has a deeper meaning with astrology because it is said to create a tense connection between Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus retrograde. 

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This could symbolize having a deeper connection with our feelings, through standing up for our rights, making deeper emotional connections and wanting us to break free from any emotional disruptions.

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