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Whether you consider yourself a die-hard daddy gang member or have been a hater since the barstool days, everyone has an opinion on the chart-climbing podcast Call Her Daddy, hosted by Alex Cooper. At the start, Call Her Daddy was known for its raunchy and controversial style but we, the viewers, have watched as it has evolved covering a wide variety of topics that surround the female experience. The concept started, and only sometimes deviates from, as woman-driven sex postive satire and comedy. But many received the early content as accommodating to the male gaze and even sexist. Whichever side of this spectrum your opinions lie, they may change after watching Cooper’s new episode titled “An Abortion Story.” From being considered the antithesis of feminism to spearheading the movement, Alex Cooper has gone from sex jokes to serious journalism. 

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This episode was different. While all episodes offer the video option, Father Cooper insisted that fans don’t solely listen to this one but sit down and watch. And after doing so, we completely understand why. This episode explores life after the reversal of Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, specifically its effects on a women’s center in Charlotte, North Carolina. This episode didn’t just utilize sound and compelling testimonials but the video factor was what made this episode an at times chilling experience.

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Arriving at the center entailed making their way through a swarm of pro-life protesters discouring people to enter and attempting to persuade pregnant people to pursue alternative health care. This includes accusations of murder and blowhorn readings of bible verses. This episode truly engulfs you in the experience of seeking an abortion and may be triggering for some viewers.

Once inside the center, a series of interviews and testimonials are conducted varying from the staff at the women’s center, people who have had abortions and even an on-the-street interview with a pro-life protester. While framed from a pro-choice perspective this episode still attempts to explore the opposing side whose beliefs have made their way into our government policy. Many of the interviewees provide crucial information and resources as we adjust to life post-Roe.

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Alex Cooper crafted this episode with precision and intent with every clip, sound bite and interview. The testimonials came from a diverse group of individuals, each with different situations and reasonings for why they exercised their right to have an abortion. This episode is a must-watch and is Alex Cooper’s first attempt at documentary-style journalism. This is not just for entertainment, this is a wake-up call.

While we continue to listen to Cooper’s new style, we will keep you updated on everything there is to know! Tweet us @VALLEYmag with your thoughts on this new era of Call Her Daddy and Cooper’s new-age feminism.



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