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Not sure if your bestie is the best roomie? Not sure you know where you want to live? Picking a roommate or where you want to live is never easy, and there really isnt a set way to find that perfect scenario. When youre trying to figure out who that roommate should be, its important to remember a few things. Living with someone is a whole new level of knowing them, so while your best friend may be your ride or die, that doesnt always guarantee a harmonious life.

To make sure things between you and your roomie are going smoothly and a good way to tell if theyre the right person for your is how well the two of you communicate. Living in close proximity to someone else can lead to tension, but that doesnt mean you just have to deal with it. Being able to talk things through is a major part of knowing whether or not the person you choose to live with is the best fit, as there usually isnt a problem that can’t be fixed with a little understanding. A good tool to use to create some general understanding between you and your roommate is a roommate contract. There are plenty that are available online and you dont have to actually write one up to sign, but you could use it as an outline to bring up any major issues that could arise when living with a roommate.

Photo posted by @cfashionista on Instagram.

Now, while your best friend may not be the best roommate, that doesnt mean your roommate cant be your best friend. Make sure when youre deciding who you want as a roommate, you pick someone who is easy to get along with. Having common interests is probably the fastest way to tell if the person you choose is a good fit for you. That being said, nowhere in the rulebook to a healthy roommate relationship does it say you have to have everything in common with that person. Opposites may attract, so the only thing you really need to be sure of is how good those opposites are at living with one another. Making sure that you have a good time whenever youre with them is super important as youre going to be with that person almost all day, everyday. Living with another person is like a 24/7 sleepover so its better to know you can talk and laugh together before you sign the lease.

Once you have your roommate, it’s time to pick your place. Looking for the place you want to live can be stressful, so it’s important to remember the things you want to get out of living there. When apartment/house hunting you may want to think about things like location, amenities and even your surrounding neighbors. If you like peace and quiet, an apartment right on College Avenue may not be the best option for you. There are a ton of different styles of apartments or houses all around State College, so when looking for the one that’s going to be the best for you, keep in mind those things that are necessary for you to enjoy your space.

Whether it’s for a roommate or the perfect apartment, its important to always keep an open mind. Whether its about house rules, things to do together or where to live, keeping an open mind ensures that youre hearing all your options while still sticking to what it is you want or need. Living with a roommate is a compromise, and the only way to make sure you made the right choice is to consciously work at having everyone be heard. If at anytime you feel like you cant do something in your own place or you cant discuss something with your roommate, that may be a sign that its time for a new one. Picking a place is no different.Have faith in the process, but make sure when youre going through everything, you keep in mind that this is your home too.


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