The Media’s “Comedic” Approach to the Try Guys Controversy

As many people know already, Ned Fulmer from the Try Guys cheated on his wife Ariel with Try Guys Producer, Alex Herring. The situation is messy to say the least, especially considering the brand he made for himself was centered around how much he loves his wife and children. 

Initially, the media responded to this situation in denial. Fans were disappointed by these allegations and platforms like TikTok, Twitter and Instagram were in a period of shock. How could the man who says “My wife” in practically every Try Guys video be a cheater? Once these accusations were proven true, the media shifted from that denial to straight-up anger. Not only was Fulmer’s fan base disappointed, but also the Try Guys themselves, as shown in their explanation video.

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Three weeks have gone by since this upsetting announcement and the media has shifted into a different phase of processing all of this— humor.

TikTok has been having a field day with making memes out of the Try Guys Explanation Video and fans specifically cannot shake off Eugene Lee Yang’s angry demeanor throughout the video. Many of these memes are of Eugene’s face with heavy metal music in the background to match his pissed-off glare. There are also TikToks circulating about Ariel following Yung Gravy on Instagram. Since Gravy is notorious for his love for MILFs, people are convinced that he has the hots for her. 

SNL even tapped into the situation, making a skit about the Try Guys explanation video, but did so in a mocking way. Instead of poking fun at Ned who is obviously in the wrong in this situation, the skit revolved around making fun of the current members Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld. This skit received a lot of backlash from fans because the victims were put in a worse light and were made fun of in their most honest and vulnerable state.

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One of SNL’s writers Will Stephen, who is Fulmer’s friend from Yale, was potentially part of the writing process for this sketch, which makes this situation even worse than it already is. Twitter and TikTok users have their suspicions and are convinced that Ned had a say in the portrayal of the skit because of his relationship with Stephen. None of this is confirmed, but fans remain wary.

This situation has caused an array of emotions and fans are still cooling down from all that transpired. But, it seems that the Try guys have a plan to recover and come back to YouTube better than ever, which is the most inspiring news of it all.

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