Quiz: How Much of a ‘Bro’ Are You?

Florio.HowMuchBroLet’s be real – every girl has a little bit of ‘bro’ in her. Whether you have an obsession with Nintendo 64 or enjoy nothing more than shouting at your abused television during sporting events, it’s totally acceptable to let your feminine side down for a while and embrace your inner bro.

However, there’s a fine line between just being a little more in tune with your guy buds and completely friend-zoning yourself. While girls who aren’t afraid to curse like sailors and fall face-first in the mud during a soccer game are great to have around, sometimes being too much of a ‘bro’ can totally hinder your chances for a guy (seriously, been there about one hundred times).

How do your guy friends/potential actual interests really see you? Take this quiz to find out! 

1. You’re invited over to just hang out for the day. You show up in…

A. Your favorite sundress and sandals.
B. Just a cute top and jeans.
C. Your comfiest sweatpants. At least you got out of your pajamas.

2. You’re playing video games with the guys and you keep losing. You…

A. Roll your eyes and move on. Seriously, it’s just a game. #tooserious
B. Laugh it off, but definitely demand a rematch.
C. May or may not shout explicit profanities and flip a couch or two.

3. Pick a TV show to watch for the day.

A. Keeping up with the Kardashians
B. Scandal
C. The Walking Dead

4. If your guy slips out something extra sappy, you…

A. Encourage them to continue. Life is a walking Hallmark Card.
B. Listen tentatively, but you’ll definitely tease them later for it.
C. Throw up all over them (or tell them to cut it out, respectively).

5. Your ideal beautiful Sunday afternoon consists of…

A. Getting Rita’s and laying out in the quad. Gotta soak up the warm weather.
B. Does bringing my laptop outside count as doing something outside?
C. Organizing a pick-up basketball game.

6. Your guy friend comes to you with advice for handling another girl. You…

A. Compose a detailed checklist and game plan. You know your stuff.
B. Offer tips from your past, and give him a nice pat on the back. Good luck.
C. Laugh hysterically. What planet is this? You’re clueless.

7. At a party, people will usually find you…

A. Dancing the night away.
B. Floating around the place talking to everyone.
C. Playing games all night and forcing everyone to join you.


Mostly A’s…

Congrats, it’s a girl! No, seriously. You are the stereotypical girly girl, and this has its good and bad sides when it comes to guys. At least a guy won’t mistake you for just a friend and put you in that awful situation. You’re pretty and do pretty things and guys like pretty things. Keep it up if your goal is to actually get a guy. However, don’t be afraid to let loose once in a while with your guy friends. While I’m sure they’re used to you and your pink and reality TV, a nice surprise or ‘bro-i-tude’ might be a fun change.

Mostly B’s…

You’re a great combination of genuine girl and respectable bro. You know how to hang out and lay out with the girls, but are also not opposed to getting your hands dirty with the guys. You’ll probably attract the perfect kind of guy that can appreciate both sides of you. Congrats on your life.

Mostly C’s…

Okay, time for a bro-vention. While it’s great that you probably curse like a sailor and can beat the guys in whatever competitive sport or game imaginable, there’s a strong chance it’s sometimes hard for you to be seen as a girl. The friend zone is a treacherous place, and hard to climb out of, so maybe try to hold your tongue sometimes around a respective love interest, or put on actual pants once in a while.

Photo by Sam Florio


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