Not Your Average Teen: Kaash Paige

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Like any normal teenager listening to music from the industry’s leading stars such as Frank Ocean and Mac Miller, Kaash Paige has used their music as inspiration as she’s gone from a SoundCloud musician to a recent signee at Def Jam.

The Dallas native caught the eye of Universal Music Group’s Def Jam Recording, a leading record label with artists such as Jhene Aiko, Kanye West and Rihanna, at age 19 following her viral hits.

Photo posted by Kaash Paige on Twitter

Since the beginning of her career, Kaash Paige has done what many strive to do — block out the noise of others and manifest dreams into reality. Even with the creation of her name, Kill All Arrogance Stop Hatred, Paige has focused on herself instead of worrying about the opinions of others surrounding her.

“Growing up and being around so many different opinions, you start to question how you should look and how you should dress and just in general, even how you should think,” Paige said. “As I started to grow up and really learn what I want and voice my opinion on how I want to live is when I found my true happiness and being yourself is what it is.”

While many in Dallas knew the star from the very beginning, her viral hit ‘Love Songs’ on TikTok garnered a new audience for the artist. “Love Songs,” a track soon to be featured on her debut EP, Parked Car Convos, rose to the top of viral charts with more than 275 million streams naming Paige Artist on the Rise by YouTube.

As any regular teenager would be, Paige went to her homecoming only to realize at that very moment how viral her song would end up being.

“Someone went up to me, “yo yo yo you’re trending on Apple Music” and I was like “what?” and they showed me and it said Kaash Paige ‘Love Songs'” Paige said of the experience. And then they said “bro TikTok is going crazy” and I checked it out. It was insane.”

Social media playing a key role in recognizing and distributing her artistry, caught the attention of one of the leading record labels, Def Jam.

“It’s hard thinking, I made this song, will I get picked by a major record label,” Paige said. “I feel like if you just stay down and keep putting your work, manifesting and putting out the good energy with believing it too, I feel like anything can happen.”

Following her success with her debut EP, Paige released her full-length studio album, Teenage Fever with tracks such as “Jaded.”

“We all go through depression, we all go through relationships, we all go through getting our heartbroken or being in love, feeling lost, confused, anything,” Paige said, with her goal to create music leaving the audience feeling relatable and able to resonate with her.

Focusing on being happy, unproblematic, and knowing what she needs to do has pushed Paige to pursue her dreams all whilst remaining humble at such a young age.

“I try to protect my peace and my energy because a lot of bad energy is out in this world and I don’t want that to stick to me because I don’t want to be in a bad place,” Paige said.

Photo posted by Kaash Paige on Twitter

Manifestation is key to Paige. From her past and current endeavors, Paige has found herself manifesting her dreams into reality and plans on continuing this in her future endeavors.

With hopes for more success in the coming months to rallying her city of Dallas together to showcase the artistry in the city, this teen is yet to reach the peak of her career as her momentum is just now accelerating.


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