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large.TPrVwv3OwreDaoxUkKmeFYOqhOideNurye6BxFMcbmIWhether or not your dislike her attitude towards boys, you have to admit that you have had at least a few of her songs stuck in your head.  Looking past her “public relationships,” we decided to name Taylor Swift our Woman Crush this Wednesday.

At the age of 24, Taylor Swift, has taken the music world by storm, winning over 240 music awards since 2007, when her debut album was released. Recently, she has made a transformation from the “America’s Sweetheart” girl we used to know into a full-grown, powerful woman. We took an in-depth look into why Taylor Swift is an ideal role model for girls.

“I really love that even though she is out of proportion and is literally known all around the world when you look at the center of her music it is all her,” says Meredith Moga, a senior studying criminal justice, “Taylor is talking about her life, her experiences, and little girls can relate to that. Anyone can.”

Swift often produces chart smashing number one hits that are straight from the pages of her diary.  However, Swift often receives a lot of back lash due to the fact that she often sings about love or relationships.

What is wrong with loving love?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to fall in love.  Swift is often referred to as having very public relationships, but because she is in the public eye, her break-ups and dates are often blown out of proportion ad nauseam.

Although many artists such as Adele, John Mayer, The Goo Goo Dolls, Fleetwood Mac, and Carly Simon often sing about love and relationships, Swift is referred to as nagging and obsessive.  In any relationship we can fall hard and fast in “love”—we are human.

Why is she our WCW?

Taylor Swift is one of the best role models for girls and young women to have because she is not afraid to show raw emotion in the hopes that someone will relate to it.

We all go though break ups and sometimes we need to listen to that sad song, so we plug in our iPods and play “All Too Well” just because we need something to relate to, or we blast that power anthem “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (the fastest-selling digital single of all time—great job Tay) to show that we are over our ex.

If wee Google popular celebrities today, it will not take long to find a not so appropriate/nice association with their names.  It could be an unflattering drunken picture leaving a club at an obscene hour or a criminal charge (lookin’ at you Biebs).  Not Taylor Swift, though. Her record is clean. In fact it’s sparkly clean.

“She doesn’t need to be doing a press conference about a racy situation,” says Moga, “She has younger fans and she keeps that in mind.”  Swift does not let the big lights of Hollywood tarnish her attitude towards herself or her image to her fans.

Swift is currently on the end half of her RED world tour and is finishing her fifth album.  There is no release date as of now but we assure you that you will sing along to at least one of her next hits.

In the end, Taylor Swift teaches us that it is possible to be happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.  Above all, Swift shows us that it is okay to fall in love, and that even if you get your heart broken the right one is out there somewhere.  In the mean time, we have our friends and ourselves to love.

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