The Art Form of Avant-Garde Fashion and Its Purpose

On TikTok, videos of people trying to mimic runway fashion have been very popular. Every once in a while, this trend resurrects, and it is usually influenced by the recent award shows or fashion weeks surrounding that time frame. In these videos, people poke fun at it by creating the most outlandish outfits possible and pretend to walk a runway while wearing it.

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These videos stem from the common misconception that runway and avant-garde fashion in general are easy to mimic and that the outfits exhibited could easily be thrown together by anyone. Many also view experimental fashion as unnecessary and a mockery of an art form because of how unwearable it can be. 

Even with these strong opinions by many towards the fashion industry, there is still a purpose for avant-garde fashion in our society. This type of fashion has the power to do a lot more than you might know.

Avant-garde fashion is not supposed to be everyday wear, and instead is supposed to be cutting edge and never before seen, which many do not realize. This unconventionality is supposed to evict an emotion, whether good or bad, just like any painting or sculpture that you would see at a museum. TikTok’s reaction to runway fashion is a perfect example of people having negative feelings towards it, showing that the fashion they exhibited fulfilled its purpose.

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Experimental fashion is supposed to inspire. When watching that eyebrow-raising look go down the runway, many thoughts should be going through your mind. Perhaps you think about how you could incorporate the message that the look was trying to convey into your everyday life. Real fashion brings your mind to places that it does not usually go, and leaves you longing for answers.

Unconventional fashion could also be used to make an important statement, whether it pertains to politics or society as a whole. Time and time again, there have been runway and gala looks that touched upon race, gender, sexuality, feminism and many more topics that need to be addressed. These looks always receive both praise and backlash, while starting an important conversation. Fashion has the ability to address challenging topics, just like any other form of art.

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In simpler terms, runway and avant-garde fashion are not supposed to be pretty. The point is not supposed to be conforming to the norm, but instead branching away from it. If runway shows had everyday looks that you see in the streets, there would be no substance or buzz. Runway fashion is imperfect and impactful.



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