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Fashion month looked a little different this year with the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week being a mixture of virtual and socially-distanced shows for the Spring/Summer 2021 season.

Usually fashion influencers, celebrities and journalists flock the streets of Paris as they go to attend shows, rocking the latest street style of the season. This year though, many of the fashion week regulars watched the shows from the comfort of their own homes. 

Yet some were lucky enough to be able to attend socially-distanced shows in the French fashion capital. VALLEY is here to go through some of the best looks of Paris fashion week to take inspiration from this fall.

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Neutrals are a fall classic, but this paint suit and coat put a fun twist on the trend. The pleated ruffles on the sleeves are the bold statement of the outfit and create a perfect mixture of fashion that is both elegant and youthful. Paired with a loose pointy tail, espresso colored suede shoes and a mask, this outfit is it.

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Bryan Grey Yambao, also known as fashion blogger Bryanboy, is seen above in a casual, yet fashionable, Paris street style look. The thigh-high white boots paired with shorts and a layered jacket over an untucked collar shirt make for a usual, yet unique outfit that’s working in all the right ways. His mask and face shield are also the perfect accessory for a Covid safe streetwear look.

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One of the more casual trends seen this Paris Fashion week is denim. The looks above showcase two different ways to style it. The all-white look may go against the principle to not wear white after Labor Day, but it’s chic and effortless— especially with the pair of classic Adidas and the fur hat. The look on the left is more of a classic fall look, the oversized dark wash jacket dressing down the long black dress.

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The look above is a perfect mesh of a school girl meets high fashion. The plaid skirt and classic grey cotton collared shirt are dressed up with the leather jacket, black purse and black tights that truly make the look. The fresh makeup and messy hair add the perfect touch of the natural French trend as well.

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This green pantsuit set is simply chic. The oversized fit of the clothes paired with black sunglasses and hoop earrings makes it effortless, yet put together at the same time— and gives off a boyish vibe that is a staple trend in fashion.

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The outfit shown above mixes different components of fashion and all together works perfectly. The pop of the neon orange chunky turtle neck, along with the knee-length full skirt makes this outfit bold and fun. Paired with a cropped leather jacket and black booties gives it an edge factor as well.

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This outfit showcases the trend of trench coats this fall, and VALLEY is all for it. This look is sleek and simple from the tight braid to the dark brown loafers. The outfit includes aspects of masculinity, but all together looks quite feminine and chic.

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