The Dos and Don’ts of Denim on Denim

Denim on denim can seem a little intimidating at first glance. People often think they can’t pull it off, or that it looks ridiculous — that’s not always the case. For many, denim on denim is viewed as fashion trend instead of a fashion mishap. With fall in full force, it is nice to know how to layer in a cute, trendy way and denim on denim is something that falls into that category.

Mix Up Your Denim

One way to bring a unique touch to an outfit is to just wear a black, grey, or colored pair of jeans with a jean jacket to add a subtle touch with room to experiment. This is more of a practice for people who want to see if they can pull off the look; for those who are just dipping their toe in. Another option that adds a nice touch is using jeans that have rips in them or fringe on the ends that add something unique and breaks up the blue.


Adding pieces like necklaces, scarves or a cute handbag adds a more fashionable flair to the look, and overall makes the outfit look put together. Even a pair of funky colored or patterned shoes would work.

Dress Denim Up

The more dressed up the look is, the more fashionable the statement is. Wearing heels with a pair of distressed jeans will give the garb a whole new edge it did not have previously.

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Kanye has pulled off the denim on denim look on many occasions, and although not many admire him as much as “Kanye loves Kanye,” he is someone to look for as a good example. The key is to make it look effortless.

Make It a Look that Feels Like Yourself

Add an embellishment onto the jeans or the jean jacket, paint a picture onto the back of the jacket like many students have done here for Penn State games. Wear a favorite handbag or that pair of heels that make a statement. Customize it so it is one of a kind.

Do Not Use the Same Color Denim on Top and Bottom

Typically, this looks bad because the lighter shades are, “drawing attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a slimming effect,” according to Stylecaster. Wearing two of the same shades defeats the purpose. A way to avoid the same weight would be to wear blue jeans with a lighter denim top with maybe another colored top underneath to show layers and break up the blues.


Don’t Make It look like a Costume

Playing around with the look so it isn’t strictly denim all over makes it look more dressed up. Another way to make it not look like a costume is to play around with hemlines and wearing denim shorts or a denim skirt instead of just jeans and a jean jacket will help someone avoid the costume look. Making it look more casual instead of a costume is a key to pulling off the look if dressing it all the way up is not ideal for the occasion.


The best thing to do is to have fun with it and be creative with the look. Make it your own; make it unique. Add an embellishment to the jacket or the pockets of the jeans and make sure everything is balanced and the look can be a favorite of the fashion community. Many celebrities have pulled off the look, so use theirs as examples. Anyone can pull off the look if they follow these simple rules.


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