Our Winter Skin Savior

Posted by Clinique | @clinique

Are you starting to notice your skin losing its healthy glow? Is your skin becoming flakey in certain areas? If you are, don’t freak out!

Now that January is here, the temperature drops and the cold wind begins to pick up. Jay Tinsley, department manager of Clinique at the Penn State Bookstore, gave Valley the scoop on how to keep your thirsty skin hydrated.

The winter wind can be so strong that it dehydrates your skin and strips it of the natural oils that keep your skin glowing. Everyone has different skin types, but we all suffer from the same skin problem in the winter: flakiness.

“People tend to get more dry and flakey skin because the colder temperature is dehydrating your skin, so exfoliating and moisturizing are big benefits of winter skin routines,” says Tinsley. “Exfoliating would really lift off the dead skin cells and the moisturizer would absorb better.”

Pro tip: Don’t over do it. Tinsley advises that people with sensitive skin exfoliate once a week and those who have oilier skin at least two times a week.

Just as we all have different body types, we all have different skin types. We can’t all use the same moisturizer because it won’t benefit us all equally. Picking out the right moisturizer is a crucial step in your winter skin routine.

“It all depends on your skin type, if you have oilier skin you don’t want to put a heavy moisturizer on as you would if you had dry skin, you want to use more gels. Gels are a lighter weight, but your skin still gets the moisture it needs,” says Tinsley.

There are some moisturizers that are universal and beneficial to all skin types. Tinsley automatically recommended the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer when asked what her winter essential was.

“Moisture surge is definitely the number one winter savior because of the aloe vera in it. The line is number one, we have eye creams, masks, and moisturizers that are great for drier skin in the winter time,” says Tinsley.

Clinique’s Moisture Surge moisturizer runs for $39.00 at the Clinique counter in the HUB Bookstore, Clinique’s website and Macy’s.