Layering this Winter will Save You

With everlasting, bitter cold, style can become an afterthought. Day after day—leggings, boots, hoodie, parka, repeat. The monotony adds to seasonal depression, and we yearn for summer days and cheerful colors. To spice up life and the wardrobe, bring out the summer tops and dresses and repurpose them—saving the environment and ultimately yourself. Shout out to all the brave souls baring skin for the sake of fashion, but style and beauty shouldn’t always be painful.

Layer Those Slips

Remember those popular 90’s-inspired slip dresses and camisoles? Bring those babies out from storage and slip a long sleeve or turtleneck underneath. To take the look further, add a bell-sleeved blouse or ribbed long-sleeve. With no exposed skin, it can be worn to class, a nice dinner or for a wild clubbing night. Jewel-toned colors like navy and emerald are perfect for the winter time paired with black or a complimenting jewel tone. When wearing a slip dress, VALLEY recommends adding leggings, tights or maybe even biker shorts underneath if you want to brave the cold and show a little more leg.

Leggings Save Lives

With the cold, it is almost inevitable to feel like a waddling penguin. Leggings under jeans, skirts or dresses will somewhat prevent the cold from penetrating, especially when walking around campus or waiting for the CATA bus. VALLEY suggests investing in a heat tech pair of leggings from Uniqlo. Any other fleece-lined pair will also do the trick.

Layer Outerwear

With excessive cold temperatures and blistering winds, it’s important to keep the midsection warm. One of the easiest ways to look like a cool girl in the cold is to layer a hoodie underneath a puffer coat or a wool coat for that high-low look. The hoodie oozes skater girl vibes and provides warmth at the same time. For a chicer take on the look, a long menswear blazer underneath a dressing coat is a perfect way to maintain elegance.


Although not necessarily a layer, scarves are the ultimate winter clothing accessory. VALLEY suggests a giant blanket-like wool scarf—not quite Lenny Kravitz, but close. Not only can the scarf be wrapped around the neck, but it can also be used around the head or face, whereas a hoodie or beanie will ruin a good hair day. The original plaid will add a dash of New England to the look or, to keep the look minimal, wrap a navy or black scarf.

Take these tips and build on them based on your own wardrobe. VALLEY wishes you the best of luck as you brace the cold this winter season.


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