De-Stressing for a Successful Finals Season

The semester is quickly coming to a close and stress may be flooding your life as you’re trying to get everything done. Motivating yourself to get your life together and tackle all the things you need to get done is important. Balancing it all with structure and somehow keeping a positive mindset may seem impossible, but there are small things you can do every day to help with that. Life can get crazy, so here a few small tips to manage your stress and create more balance in your life.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

Yes, it’s small! Yes, it’s just your bed, but it creates structure in your life from the first thing you do in the morning. It’s a small victory that really lays the foundation for your day. Managing that small part of your life will really help with your productivity for the rest of your day. Coming back to a nicely made bed after a stressful day of class simply makes the day better.

Make Lists

Making lists is such a life saver. On a small scale, day-to-day planning every little thing you need to accomplish can really help with motivation. The list can include the most basic things you need to do, like even showering or going to class. Being able to visualize and physically mark things off of a list that you completed is very helpful and fun, too!

Use a Calendar

On a larger scale, being able to look ahead at future assignments and events you have planned out and written down is important. Your brain can only remember so much going on in your life. Sometimes it just gets to be too much, and you forget things you need to do, increasing your stress levels. Monthly and weekly planning is key. Being able to start the week or month with pointing out key dates or tasks you need to complete creates much needed structure within your life.

Listen to Podcasts

Sometimes music can start to blend together and make your brain trail off leading to being distracted by all the things you have to do in your life. Getting in music funks is real. Podcasts are productive and motivating. There are so many different topics of podcasts to listen to, so it’s hard to get tired of them. There are a ton about de-stressing, working hard and being productive. While you listen, you are gaining knowledge about various topics, and they are great conversation starters! You can listen to them anytime — before bed, while doing homework, on the way to class — anywhere!

FaceTime over Texting

Texting isn’t really a form of human connection, and when you are stressed about life, human connection is so important. Verbalizing your stress and what you need to get done can lessen your stress levels, and it’s nice to have someone on the other line helping you with that. FaceTiming can also help boost your energy and bring up your spirits! This is a great way to take a break from the stress to see and talk to your friends.

Taking a Night in for Yourself

In college, there is a ton of pressure to go out even if you’re not feeling it. Although you may have FOMO, you sometimes need to focus on yourself. Self-care is extremely important. Going out with friends is fun, but going out every weekend can sometimes stress you out more than it helps. Taking that short time for yourself really helps ground you and keep that balance that all these other de-stressing tips are helping to do, as well. Whether you are staying in to watch a show, cook dinner for yourself or do a face mask, all these things are good for your well-being.

These tips may seem very simple, but doing them consistently will help with your stress around this time of year especially!


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