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After midterms, group projects and loads of homework to do, we’re all overdue for a much needed night out. Going out is a way to let go and have fun with your friends, but sometimes our nights don’t always go that smoothly, and we wake up the next morning completely regretting ever stepping outside of your room (hello Sunday scaries!). Luckily, VALLEY has some tips on what to do when your night out isn’t going as planned.

Someone Won’t Stop Hitting On You

Even after you’ve made your intentions entirely clear, some people just can’t take a hint. Be affirmative — don’t make the mistake of being too nice and going along with their flirty games. It’s always helpful to keep your friends close by and have a signal between your group so they know when to pull you out of the situation.

You Lose Your Friends

One second you’re all dancing together in a big crowd, and then you turn around and your friends aren’t anywhere to be found. If your phone is dead or no ones answering, relax and just check the most probable places they could’ve gone like the bathroom or to get a drink. There’s a pretty good chance your friends aren’t ditching you and that they’re looking for you too! Always keep in touch about plans for after a party, and if you want to leave separately from your group, try to let at least one of your friends know. If you’re leaving alone and don’t feel safe enough to walk home at night, try to take a Lyft or even call Safe Walk if you’re within reasonable distance to campus.

The Heat Ruins Your Look

You show up to the party with your hair done nice and makeup looking amazing — until you hit the dance floor. With tons of people crammed in a small space all jumping up and down to “Mo Bamba,” the room quickly goes from a little hot to everyone dripping in sweat. For starters, it’s never a bad idea to layer on some extra deodorant before you leave. If you have long hair, be prepared to toss it up in a bun or ponytail as the night goes on. As for makeup, set your look with some powder and a good setting spray — it doesn’t hurt to carry some blotting sheets with you too.

You or Your Friends Have a Little Too Much To Drink

Whether you didn’t have enough to eat before you went out, or the pregame hit you a little too hard, it’s important to always look out for yourself and the people around you. Most of the time, if you feel like you’re going to be sick, getting it out of your system could make you feel better. While you may be tempted to boot ‘n rally, take it easy for the rest of the night and just keep sipping on some water.

If at any time a friend passes out, won’t stop throwing up or loses the ability to walk, immediately call 911 as these are all common symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Next time, set a limit for yourself that you know is safe for your body to handle. Have a hard time counting your drinks while you’re out? Try keeping hairties on one hand and switch them over to your other hand for every drink you have.

*VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.


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