Looking Better, Doing Better

VALLEY believes looking better makes you feel and do better, but is there really any proof? Or is it all just in our heads. There has been research done that more attractive people do better and go farther in life. It apparently also helps your health.

According to Independent, “Good looks not only open doors but also guarantee a long, healthy life – from the age of 30, the more attractive you are, the better your health, psychologists have found.” This came from a study presented by the American Psychologist’s Society annual conference show.

Inner beauty is what really matters; however, especially when you’re sick, sometimes you need a boost of self esteem. Look Good Feel Better is a program that teaches beauty techniques to people with cancer who are currently in treatment, undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. It focuses on skin, nails and other cosmetics to make women feel better about their appearance.

According to the the program’s website, there are 150 companies supporting the program, it has served 5,000 women in the United States, held 15,000 workshops and have had 150,000 hours donated by volunteers.

This program doesn’t prove when you look better, you exactly feel better. However, it helps to eventually make people look and feel better. Associated programs include the American Cancer Society as well as the Professional Beauty Association.

As exam season starts to go into the full swing, so do the superstitions involving reasons to do better on the exam — other than actually studying. According to the Daily Universe, wearing business professional clothes allowed students to keep their focus rather than sweatpants. It is said to be because dressing up put students in the right mindset to recall the information.

Oxford University implemented a uniform for taking exams called “sub fasc.” This dress code included black shoes and plain white t-shirt.

According to The Daily Universe, “In 2015, the university had students vote on whether or not to keep the uniform. The vote was overwhelmingly positive and the uniformed stayed.”

Through all this research, VALLEY believes looking good and feeling better is all about the research. The way each person feels confident in themselves is important either by dressing up, dressing down or just knowing the material in front of them. 


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