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Online shopping has become the norm for college students, especially for outside necessities such as graduation dresses or the perfect bathing suit for spring break. VALLEY looked at three popular online shopping sites and broke them down by their price, quality and customer reviews. 


Free shipping and returns. Students get 10 percent off until they graduate.

The ASOS website has a lot of bright colors and categorizes outfits by activities such as vacation or music festival. ASOS also offers a blog section in which they give editor’s top outfit picks and style inspiration. There are not many reviews on the website, however on Reddit, the reviews are mixed. There is a decent number of positive reviews discussing the various brand selection and others complaining about missing orders.

Princess Polly

Free United States express shipping with items over $70. The clothing company offers a 15 percent student discount with UNiDAYS, a student discount company that allows students to get discounts from other stores too.

To return an item in the United States you must fill out a form and print a shipping label that will cost $8.99. They also have a sizing guide with tips on how to measure your bust, hips and waist, which would be helpful for someone who has never shopped at Princess Polly before. To check out reviews, you can find them at the bottom of the web page, ranked with star rating. Princess Polly also allows reviewers to indicate if they are a verified reviewer or a verified buyer. Most people have a very positive view of Princess Polly, many reviews stating they love the fit of the item they purchases and that the clothes are very comfortable.

Nasty Gal

Student discount with 10 percent off everything.

The store has different collaborations in which customers can shop their look. Returns are free in the United States and standard shipping is up to seven business days for $7.99 per order. Featured on the website are different collaborations, including a Nasty Gal x Emma Louise Connolly collaboration with Emma’s latest finds and looks. Also on the site is a blog titled, ‘Nasty Galaxy,’ which features fashion tips and, more recently, posts from International Women’s Day. There are a lot of reviews for the brand on Best Company, a website devoted to featuring reviews from a variety of stores and companies. The reviews on this website aren’t great, with only one customer giving five stars, calling herself the “lucky one.”

VALLEY knows online shopping is a must in a place like State College where there aren’t a lot of in-person shopping options. Knowing information about shipping, pricing and how the clothes fit is always important before buying. Happy shopping!


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