Your Newest Hair Obsession: Hair Scarves

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It is officially spring and summer is right around the corner, which means it is time to splurge on some cute new accessories for the upcoming season. What better way to upgrade your signature ponytail or low bun other than adding a hair scarf? Hair scarves have been around for awhile, but they just recently have come back into style. Retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Forever21 have been selling them in multiple colors and patterns.

If you don’t feel like spending upwards of $15 for one of these scarves, VALLEY is here to show you how to DIY your very own at an inexpensive price.

All you need to DIY your very own hair scarf is a piece of fabric –silk or cotton fabric work best. You can purchase smaller strips of fabric at Michael’s Craft Store or even Walmart. Fold the fabric to your desired thinness and simply tie it in a bow at the top of your ponytail. You could also wrap it around a low bun and have the extra fabric hang below for a little twist on a classic, lazy day look.

If you find it difficult to tie your hair scarf into your hair, try wrapping it around a scrunchie first and then style your hair. This will also ensure that your hair scarf is secured and won’t fall out throughout the day.

Kristen Johns, a fashion and lifestyle youtuber and vlogger, created her very own line called Kristen Made Inc. Her line includes trendy, yet vintage looking hair scarves you need this season. Coming in three different patterns with a handy pouch to keep them in, Kristen Made Inc. has unique hand scarves that will go with any outfit you plan to dress up or down.

If you are not a huge fan of tying accessories into your hair, you can also tie hair scarves around your favorite handbag to add a bit of style and flair.

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