Why Shopping in the Men’s Section is a Game Changer

A large selection of oversized sweaters along with t-shirts that are priced for less than average? Welcome to the men’s section, ladies—aka the place you should’ve started shopping for essentials a long time ago. Many people used to look down on this strategic shopping choice, but VALLEY thinks it’s time to see browsing in the men’s section for what it really is—smart shopping.

Of course, there are always those styles that are tough to size for women. Jeans are always a challenge and require a particular cut for each body type. But a guessing game in fitting may be a small price to pay once you open your eyes to a whole new area where your wardrobe can expand. 

We’re talking vintage touches in the form of oversized watches and the popular champion sweatshirt brand. You’ll find high quality flannels and neutral colors that you can mix, match and layer with everything you already own. Some comfort pieces are necessary in everyone’s wardrobe, and with oversized everything being in style now, how can you refuse?

If nothing else, the men’s section will provide more options for your wardrobe overall because uniqueness never goes out of style. So why do girls tend to be hesitant even walking over to the men’s section in stores?

Sure, there may be the fear of retail employees asking whether you know you’re on the “wrong side of the store,” but junior Emily Rooney says there was one particular reason that she doesn’t wander over to the other side.

“I always feel like other people are staring at me like I’m lost when I walk over there for even a few minutes. But I just like the fit of men’s jean jackets better,” Rooney says.

 Sophomore Rachel Anton said she thinks it’s funny that other people are concerned about where she shops.

“It’s my money that I’m using to pay for my clothes, so it’s crazy to me that the people actually care what I’m buying when really they have nothing to do with it,” Anton says.

VALLEY absolutely agrees because newsflash: you shouldn’t have to explain yourself or your style to anyone else. Wear what you want and always be proud to do so. And the next time you’re in your favorite store, VALLEY recommends that you take a peek to see the vast options that the men’s section has to offer!